2016 – Starting with a BANG

Happy New Year! How long can you say this for? Sean Rowley and I tried to keep it going until April one year. Will see if he has improved on this.

Anyway, hiya, how was your Christmas? Did you get everything you asked for? I did. Because I sent a specific list and won’t accept anything else. Yeah, it’s like that. Deal.

It took me until New Year’s Eve to get into holiday mode, before that I was still in disco setting. Then I had to go to the disco as it was NYE and had a load of people on the Thames to play to and couldn’t lie on the sofa eating discounted seasonal confectionary. It’s a hard life etc. I mentioned up there in title of this post that the year started with a BANG, that’s because I was dressed like a Supernova for the Southbank Centre’s Vintage NYE Party. Look, here I am backstage:

KERPOW! So colourful! So exciting! So glam! So, er DRY! Four hours disco dancing djing under hot lights to excitable souls results in this though:

Oh heck. Worra soggy, saggy Supernova.

Was planning on skiiving through much of the early weeks of January, but found that I can’t. Well I CAN but I just won’t have any money or any work and so on. I like both those things and as I have seem to have bought half the shops during the sales, need to claw some coin back. Real talk.

Did it in a FUN way yesterday at H&M pop up on Brick Lane. It’s a Sportswear ONLY store for all the workout clobber they’ve just brought out fresh for the January resolutioners. Did a marathon DJ set 12-7pm and as it was all about the sports, got to wear an outfit fromt he collection and TRAINERS. Djing in trainers in the DREAM when usually trussed up in stillies and costumes and a face full of the MAC counter. I love this of course, but man, can see why other djs opt for the comfy get up.

Collection is ace. Looks good and wears well for people who like throwing themselves about a bit with heavy things and so on. Yes yes, I know this looks biased as am a H&M dj, but as a regular human who a) does a mental amount of exercise b) needs clothes to wear when doing this c) preferably nice ones and d) ones that are well made and comfortable – they’re getting high marks from me. I bought the rest of the collection. So can you. Here

The rest of the month am trying to get rid of endless STUFF in my flat that the age of consumerism makes us buy, going to lots of meetings with new clients to talk discos, feeling smug about not having to sit and cry over a pile of receipts as have already done my tax return (yes, I hate me too), trying to keep the annual resolution of seeing more films (so far seen one – Star Wars and LOVED IT) trying to take a day off each week and doing this:


12-4pm, I play records. You eat amazing food. BOOK / INFO 

FRIDAY 15TH JANUARY – Private Party 


Back where it all began – Bognor Butlins with the ace Bugged Out crew! Best way to wake up a mis January and it’s my birthday – come and have a ravey sing! BOOK / INFO 


Will add to this as and when blah blah blah…


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