Anna Greenwood Likes to Talk – second Podcast

I started a podcast the other month. Have done another. This time my guest who I like to talk to is the perma-effervescent John Sizzle.

Le Sizzle, in casual mode

John is a dj, performer, venue owner and all round trannie superstar. He is most importantly, massively ace. We have a chat about all manner of things, but mainly pop music and its offshoots – costumes, pop stars, escapism – as well as John’s recent trip to LA to promote the Dressed as a Girl film, how Shirley Bassey inspired him and going for a wee whilst djing and wearing three pairs of tights. ESSENTIAL LISTENING NO DOUBT YOU’LL AGREE.

Click here for your earsĀ 

Hosted by the excellent ON SOAP podcast platform

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