I’m going to be hosting a few shows down at that glorious Southbank-housed Speigeltent, London Wonderground. It’s called the WOW Show. Because it’s just AMAZING. Or should I say, WOW. It also stands for Wonderground On Wednesdays, but if you make out it’s the greatest thing ever people totally buy into it, don’t they? So OMG WOW !!! it is.


The first one is Wednesday 9th at 9.30pm. It’s a variety / chat show, with talented types appearing as well as highlighting how splendid London is with its cultutral offerings and characters and so forth. I’d really like Danny Dyer to be on it. If someone could help make that happen that would be great thanks.

But until my date with DYER-stiny, appearing on the debut show will be the following super talented, multi-national souls:

Miss Cakehead – she is a creative director / pr wizard and bonkers food curator, inventor of the Depressed Cake Shop (highlighting mental health via the medium of cake – all cakes were grey) as well as more frightening horror cakes, gynecological cakes as well as a host of other non-food but equally amazing stunts and projects. We’ll be finding out what makes her tick, how she gets her ideas and if she’s sick to death of cake yet. Read about her here

Glenn Wool – he is a comedian. From Canada no less. See told you it was international. Glen is very funny, which is a good job seeing as what his job is. He also has a resplendant ‘tache which he has been rocking looong before the hipsters started paying attention to facial hair. He actually has quite a lot of hair. Very healthy looking it is too. We’ll be getting a previe of his Edinburgh show as well as finding out how he keeps them locks so shiny. Read about him here

Javier Jarquin – he is a card ninja. What’s one of them then? Well he’s dead good with cards and doing tricks. Not birthday cards, although to befair he probably is good at those too. More playing cards. And not just snap either. He can make your eyes go wonky with his tricks and make you question reality itself. Not bad for something you can get for £1.99 hey? Cheaper than drugs! Also he can do high kicks that are more impressive than most showgirls. See more of him here

Sammy Dinneen – he is an acrobat / dancer and very, very good at balancing on his hands. Yeah whatevs you may think, but have you tried to do a handstand since you were 8 years old? It’s not easy. He makes it look a doddle though not to mention elegant and entertaining. Don’t try this at home mind, especially after the pub. You very well may brain yourself. We’ll be seeing how not to brain yourself on the night. See more of him here 

The next shows will be on 23rd July, 6th & 20th August & 3rd September. Check out the listings on the Wonderground site for line up, or even on here if I get my act together. Imagine.

Hope to see you there




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