Bodies and brains


I’ve got two new things happening next week. One for the brain and one for the body, hence the subject of this here post. Look:

Tuesday 11th November – Tell it Like It Quiz!

Yes a quiz! Another one! Except this one’s my very own and will be making its debut at Shoreditch House on Tuesday 11th November to see the members battle each other in a trash pop culture quiz that will see no mensa sorts running away with the crown. That’s because the questions will range from the bottom of the bargain bin to the top of the pops and one doesn’t need to have an exceptional IQ to know these answers. (Mainly cos I haven’t got one and it was me wot wrote it)

Rounds will be from the worlds of music, fashion, silver and small screen, celebrity goings on and other hi brow subjects of a similar ilk. It kicks off at 7pm, maximum six to a team and there are amazing prizes up for grabs (as well as some poundshop treats to add that discount glamma).

So come along and prove your brains in the quest to find the quizzing champions!

Friday 14th November – Dessert Island Disco

I am VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS. Here’s some scrawl I prepared earlier about it so you can get excited too (hopefully):

Beneath the Shoreditch streets on Friday 14th November, lies a destination of dreams for those who prefer the sweeter side of life.

Descending the staircase of Casa Negra into the Playroom, for one night only you will be transported to Dessert Island Disco! It’s where cake and music unite on the dance floor for one heck of a tasty treat of a night out!

This recipe for a riotous night out comes courtesy of DJ Anna Greenwood, Miss Cakehead and London Mess Chef, Jim Thomlinson, who will be providing music, show stopping sweets, a hint of madness and unadulterated pure pleasure for hedonists and hungry amongst us!

A calorie neutral night out awaits as you dance away the sugary sensations on the dance floor to a soundtrack of Friday night disco pop bangers.

Expect apple pie scented shots, candy cotton bubbles, many a disco donut and a wallop of dance floor action, to give you Friday night fun unlike any other.

So pack your bags, strap on them dancing shoes, wear your stretchiest pants and get ready for a super sugar rush on your mini break of mayhem!



54-56 Great Eastern St,

London, EC2A 3QR

9pm – 2am



Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun? Especially if you can’t get enough of that sugar rush, musically or culinary.

Hope to see you at either or both!



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