Hiya. I’ve been a bit busy. Christmas was crackers and it’s all been a bit non-stop since.

Not that one is complaining, besides it’s best not to sit around watching Homes Under the Hammer with a family pack of Doritos, no matter how tempting a prospect this is.

But I have been a bit tardy on the site updates. So here’s some talk on where I’ve been and here’s where I’m going.

Edinburgh for New Year djing for a Guilty Pleasures party. It’s such a smashing city and everyone is super nice. On the way up there, fellow performers and lovely boys, Hot Gusset befriended the drinks trolley men and managed to neck about 40 mini bottles of vodka. Straight men love a gaggle of gays cooing over them, even if it is just for their liquor. They don’t need to know the truth, why spoil it? We were in First Class. We were quite excited. We’re a bit sad.

Look here’s Edinburgh (I don’t have any pictures of the party, this’ll have to do).

Then I’ve just been working in London doing Christmas parties (IN JANUARY??? etc) for Hiton Park Lane and Halcyon Gallery at Little House. I’m so Mayfair me. (I get the bus home).

W Does Brunch continues at London’s super spangly W Hotel every Sunday – come join us, it’s such a treat. I don’t play music too loudly as one’s ears can be a bit sensitive on said day  and there’s no Norwegian death metal in my playlist. Well not for now, who knows about the future. I may turn to the dark side.

Here’s a picture of what you get at Brunch. SO pretty and SO good!


As well as Little House, I’ve been at Shoreditch House and the the mothership, Soho House. That was good as I haven’t played there for aaages. It’s super fun on Fridays.

Went to see 12 Years a Slave and cried and have had terror dreams since. Should have gone to see American Hustle. Them wigs wouldn’t give one the terrors. Unless they started talking or dancing. That would be quite frightening, but also quite entertaining.

And today it is the Chinese New Year. Kung hey fat choy! It’s the year of the horse, my birth year incidentally, so no pressure, but DON’T LET ME DOWN. Year of the snake was a right cow. So in light of this, here’s where I’ll be the next few weeks of this new year:

Friday 31st January

Shoreditch House, in the Library where they make fancy drinks 12-3am

Saturday 1st February

H&M Oxford Circus during the day – not shopping, but djing – then playing an 18th birthday party that night. I haven’t been to an 18th since I was 18. I won’t behave like I did then though. Mainly because I am the help. It wouldn’t go down well.

Sunday 2nd February

W Does Brunch!

Wednesday 6th February

Quizzically Challenged, best / worst of 2013 at the Phoenix Cavendish.

Yeah we’re a bit late to the party, but we’re working on the Chinese calendar, rather than Gregorian. Trash, bang, wallop of a quiz of telly, celebs, adverts, films and all other hi-brow subjects. Expect HILARIOUS questions and quite rubbish prizes (and a couple of good ones if you’re lucky.) Starts 7pm

 Thursday 7th February

The Vaults, Waterloo. It’s a party for the Vaults Festival (which launched on Thursday 30th and I indeed played there too). I’m on 10.30pm – 12.30am. You can see a show beforehand and stay for a disco. There was some home made quiche and soup last night if you fancy a snack. They also had tequila with the worm in it, if you prefer tiny insect food in a lake of alcohol and horror headache.

Friday 8th February

Razzmatazz, Barcelona. Back in my favourite city in the world with the best crowd in town. So much fun. I’m in the Pop bar (natch) at 3am until the sun comes up and the man outside is selling sandwiches to the departing revellers.

Sunday 9th February

W Does Brunch! Then later that night,  Shoreditch House from 9pm.

Saturday 15th February

Silent Night, the Vaults

Can’t seem to stay away from this venue. This time it’s one of those parties where you play to a crowd wearing headphones and they listen to whichever dj they choose. Well, of which ones are playing obvs. Never done one of those discos before, imagine it’s quite amusing watching people dancing to different things. And possibly out of time to what I’m playing. Although I may be dancing out of time to that too. Or I might listen to someone else if I’m rubbish.

Sunday 16th February

W Does Brunch!

Ok that’s enough for now. Will add more dates as and when. Naturally this will be the first place updated. (It won’t be – follow me on Twitter for that. It’s mainly nonsense but occasionally I self-promote. I don’t RT praise though. Ick)


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