Christmas crackered


Been a bit busy of late what with the mania of Christmas parties and so forth. Not that I’ve been flitting form one elegant soiree to the next as I am an a-lister in the high society of London festive knees up, more that I’m the help. But happy to be so. Seeing as my company of one doesn’t have a Christmas party, I get to go to everyone else’s. Haven’t photocopied my arse at any of them sadly. One day my dream will come true…

Have done some ace parties though including one with Cow events who turned the Paradise pub into a forest, djing on top of a cake (stage) in Waterloo – which came close to the jumping-out-of-a-cake fantasy that one has – and the endless joy of playing Mariah’s All I Want for Christmas and watching people go loony.

My dress fell down and I Judy Finnegan’d a room a couple of times at one gig and at another my skirt slid down my hips flashing my spanx, so my flawless reputation was upheld as ever…

Did a radio show last Saturday for Camden Lock Market and played solid Christmas songs. Called it Anna Greenwood’s Christmas Ding Dong. May have done peoples’ heads in but there were reports of dancing traders and general merriness. Although they could have been placating me with LIES, but I prefer to believe them. Sadly you can’t see for yourself if it brings anger or tidings of comfort and joy as it was a one off, but maybe it’s on the internet somewhere and I’ll post up if so. Only before 25th December though, after that no one wants a ding dong.

It contained a few reggae Christmas songs. Which is totally my new jam

Super swanky London gym Gymbox asked me to write about How to Dazzle at Parties. After I’d got ¬†up off the floor from falling off my chair laughing at said request, I wrote this. Read it if you’re in need of amateur assistance

Other than that, I’m quite knackered and ready for Christmas dinner and a sit down now please. Final furlong ahead and wishes shall be granted.

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas.


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