Christmas Crackers (continued)

So I forgot to say what last week’s party crackers were as I was too busy panic buying presents and having chocolate for breakfast.

You might not have been that interested anyway, but I had a great time playing at suitably seasonal affairs for the public and private alike. There was a private pop stars Karaoke Party at Concrete where ALL the staff dressed as popstars and stepped up to the mic; a belter of a Christmas soiree at The House of St Barnabus for the ever fun Cow Events and Guilty Pleasures Cinema Party at the Troxy on Saturday. How about you? (See I’m interested in you, even if it’s not reciprocated. It’s just how I am…)

This week is the final furlong and tonight I’m at the Social for a private party where the staff have recorded their own reworking of Band Aid and I debut the recording tonight! I love this. I wish I worked for them. Just for this really. I’m not really sure what it is they do, but if this is part of their Christmas party then they must be alright frankly.

Band Aid. Endless LOLs there clearly…

Then on Friday I’m back at the Social for Friday Night Christmas Disco! That’s the usual fun and Friday night frolics, but all with an added injection of Christmas larks! And heralding! And HARKING! We all need more harking.  Amy Sink the Pink is the special guest and we’ll be weaving our seasonal magic upon the dancefloor for the last time in 2012 and if the world does end as the Mayans seem to be constantly reminding us in a bid to ruin Christmas, then there’s worse places to be to be honest. Locked in a horrible toilet. Stuck down a well. Although both those scenarios aren’t fun when the world isn’t ending. Imagine how terrible it would be if it were?

Enough of that doom talk, the disco starts at 7pm and goes on until 3am for those people who don’t like going home. Free before 9pm, £5 after. Step into Christmas with me!

(This picture represents Christmas disco via the medium of mini mirrorball + tree.)

Saturday I’ll be at Bloomsbury Bowl wearing sequins and playing disco pop whilst people throw massive heavy balls at skittles and high five each other a lot. I’m rubbish at bowling, I either throw it behind me, or dent the floor a bit or usually it just goes straight down the ditch bit either side. Think I’ll stick to the record playing bit. Besides, I’m not keen on the shoes. I’m on 9pm – 12am. In my own shoes.

On Sunday I am going to make loads of chocolates and cakes and treats for Christmas and try not to eat them on the train on the way to my sister’s.

And that’s that.


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