Crafty mix

Pinned it! Made it! asked me to make a mix for their February party. It’s a monthly crafting event in Hackney run by some savvy girls of Dalston dwelling, where they make different things such as¬†accessories, food, jewellry, floral fabulousness etc and proudly display it on Pinterest for all the world to look at. It’s kind of like an uber modern Women’s Institute for this social networking world. Except you can be a man and go to it too. I think. Not sure, but why not try and see what happens?

This month they were making bunting. It’s the first time I’ve been asked to soundtrack the making of bunting. Maybe it will be the last. I like sound tracking unusual activity, decency depending of COURSE. I remain optimistic Hobbycraft will be calling me in light of this to provide their nationwide in store soundtracks. It’s a dream kids. Think of all the discount pipe cleaners you could get your hands on.

You don’t have to make bunting to listen to the mix. But if you do, then you have fulfilled the mix’s destiny. What a joyful thought.

LISTEN TO THE MIX HERE (and do whatever you like whilst listening to it)

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