Dates and updates (and balls)

Amongst the sunshine and general aceness of August (well done the weather) I did the following:

Djed at two weddings, played rooftop parties at Shoreditch House, cooked my parents a 40th wedding anniversary tea, Brunched x 4 at W Does Brunch, had train journeys that lasted five times more than they ever needed to, played a Bowling lane (didn’t bowl, just djed, I have issues with the shared shoes), moved flat, sampled several types of wedding cake (lemon was best), played at Razzmatazz in Barcelona, ate a lot of food in Barcelona, didn’t want to come home from Barcelona and finished with Guilty Pleasures at KOKO.

Whilst in Barcelona walking the glorious streets, I noticed the Sagrada Familia has got new balls on its turrets. Ok, not technically balls, but that just sounds funnier. Well, I think so. Anyway, look, BALLS:

So now it is September and what in the hell is happening? Apart from Great British Bake Off and reeling from a somewhat farcical end to the transfer window for United, here are a few things I’ll be doing:


Quizzically Challenged – The Phoenix – Wednesday 4th September – 7pm

Trash quiz, max lolzz, crap prizes, honest hosts. With Neil Prince as glamorous co-host. Info here


Not mine. A private one. At Concrete, Thursday 5th. You can only go if invited. Thems the rules.


At the Social, Friday 13th (eeek!) from 8pm. Pop, Rock, Disco, Hip Hop, RNB, FUN for your Friday night.

You can rsvp to the Facebook event. Or not. It’s your call.


W Does Brunch every Sunday from 12pm at London’s super spangly W Hotel in Leicester Square. Sofas, slippers, lounging, amazing food, bottomless Bloody Mary’s, sweets and treats, TV room and soothing Sunday sounds for battered brains from me.

Book in here


Going to Dorset with my family. They’re going for a week, I’m doing three days. That’s this year’s holiday. Poor me, a boo hoo etc. Better than nothing, and we’re going here for posh lunch.


In Tunbridge Wells. Is it Royal Tunbridge Wells or just regular civilian? Google says ROYAL. Woo, swanky.

I’m djing after some pop stars. By no means am I pretending to not be excited about this.


More roof party fun, this time on Thursday 26th September. PLEASE DON’T RAIN.


It’s in a barn. It’s my first barn gig ever. Double the fun.


Pop bedazzlement at glorious KOKO in Camden. Tickets, info, pictures, prices and MORE here 

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