Ding Dong

I love a wedding me. Favourite gigs usually as everyone is so happy and tipsy, wearing nice clothes and eating cake. They really are quite marvellous things. I really should have one myself one day.

But until hell freezes over and someone wants to take me on, I shall be content to be the turn at said big days. And none is bigger than the Southbank Centre’s Big Wedding Weekend. As part of their Festival of Love, it’s a two day celebration where couples of all sexes, ages, creeds and colours can get married or renew their vows in a unique wedding en masse on the Royal Festival Hall stage and then celebrate with their guests at the wedding breakfast followed by entertainment and a reception. It’s amazing! Six ceremonies over the weekend of 20 couples each time making history and magical moments together. Read more here 

It’s like the moonies, minus the cult factor but with a massive WOW factor instead. It’s such a brilliant thing, I want to marry it.

And who is the dj for the reception..?


Me. Me. Me. ME.

Suffice to say I am quite excited about this. A special frock is in creation as I type. It may be the only time I can get close to a wedding dress so I’m going for it. My mother will be pleased.

The reception is also open to all so if you want to come and pretend you’re married and dance like a loon at the disco, you can! It’s going to be a glorious weekend. Can’t WAIT.




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