Disco workout

I like exercise. Specifically running and lifting / lobbing large weighted objects about my person. The latter usually in the gym and not as some random act of violence against my fellow man.

See. I’m sporty. 

I also like music. And playing music. And discos. And dancing. That’s why I am a dj.


Pretty much my theme tune

As luck would have it all these worlds will be colliding at Funk the Buddha for their Yoga-Olympics, which I am djing at. Read all about it here 

It’s not like your regular yoga class; it’s a LOT more energetic and upbeat. I know because I went to a class and was sliding around my mat in a most ungainly manner. Being somewhat of a competitive individual I was frustrated by the fact I couldn’t do a headstand immediately or indeed keep hold positions in a competent manner, all in time to the music. But despite my lack of grace, it was good fun and I am not your usual yoga fan as I  generally enjoy beating myself up when working out. Quelle sadist.

However, I won’t have to worry about my ungracious mat based dalliances, as I will be playing the music as the yoga disciples put themselves through a 90 minute routine. Then once you’re feeling all contended and smug post-workout, you can refuel with food, cocktails and maybe drunkenly buy something from the fashion show. And you won’t feel guilty! Because you earned it through SWEAT. It all makes perfect sense to me. I may even have to join in behind the decks. Can’t see that being potentially disastrous at ALL.

It’s at Westbourne Studios, Saturday 21st July from 6pm, with the class starting 6.30pm. Tickets are this way

See you on the mat. I’ll be the one falling over in high heels.


Funk the Buddha



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