Easter Eggstravaganza

For next weekend’s Easter bank holiday, as well as mainlining¬†plenty of these fellows:

I’m going to be prancing about underground London town at The Old Vic Tunnels Easter Holiday Camp! That’s a holiday camp UNDERGROUND. Don’t worry, it’s not prison. It’s a secret multi-coloured magical land underneath the pavements of this here city, hidden below the grey pavements. A bit like when Dorothy steps into Oz.

There’s everything you’d ever want from a holiday camp – aside from a slightly lecherous lifeguard and some run down soft furnishings (although nor sure if you ever want the former) – including a bouncy castle, a boating pond with remote control boats (!), a meadow with deck chairs for relaxing and tennis and volley ball courts for the more sporting amongst us. I’m holding out for a knobbly knees contest too.

Alongside myself whirling around playing records, the Tootsie Rollers will be doing a turn in their super retro style.

It’s on Thursday 5th & Friday 6th April from 7pm – 2am. ¬†Website is here with more helpful facts

Then on Saturday I’m flying off to Barcelona to play at Razzmatazz at crackers o’clock in the morning. With it being Easter weekend there’s probably some spectacular religious processions through the Catalan streets as they’ve got mad love for Jesus over there.

Bit worried about bumping into this lot. They’re not the bad guys, although it’s not immediately obvious from their get up




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