Eurovision: an Alternate view

Douze points pour Alternative Eurovision!

This isn’t a comment on Eurovision – which incidentally, I LOVE (who’d have thought?). It’s more about Alternative Eurovision from Time Out Live next Friday 17th May at London Wonderground! All those words sound fun together don’t they?

Well, you can look with your eyes at how much fun it is going to be here


Featuring the cream of London’s Cabaret from Jonny Woo, to Tricity Vogue via East End Cabaret and Bryony Kimmings to other singing / dancing / performing sensations representing a country from this fine European nation which they don’t actually hail from. It’s all a big daft act you see, but all for your delight.

Oh yes, and it’s hosted by me! That’s why I’m telling you about it. Gosh, I’m at amazing at self publicity. It’s a real skill of mine.

Will be channeling past Eurovision stars throughout the show and thinking with a very non-UKIP frame of mind. If we left Europe then we really wouldn’t ever win Eurovision ever again. We’re still in the dog house for Iraq and that. Doing one would see us doomed for eternity. Who wants that? We must live in hope for future Euro glory!

See the full line up here and book your tickets for the annual camp cabaret jamboree!


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