It’s the name of my new night with Amy from Sink the Pink starting this Friday 12th October at the magnificent three tiered pleasure palace that is House of Wolf.

This what GIRLS is about. Well, it’s us playing records in a super venue, showing off and strutting around in a variety of get ups and making people dance.

Or officially, it’s this:

Beyonce said we run the world. James Brown said it was a man’s world. Whichever, we definitely have the best shoes.

Showing out and showing off, it’s a full frontal female force of musical mahyem! The girls start the dancing and the boys join the party.


DJS & Hosts Anna & Amy light a fire on the dancefloor and get the weekend off with a wallop.

It’s going to fizz, bang, ROCK.

Starts at 10pm and stops at 4am. It’s free. It’s fun. It’s Friday night FAB.

More information is here should you desire it.


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