God Save the 90s

London Fields Radio have put together a series of special music podcasts for the Queen’s Jubilee, where presenters of each show focus on a decade from 1900s to now – or to be more specific, 1902 – 2012 – and play records of their show’s decade.

I did the 90s show, which was ace because I love the 90s. Not in a wacky ironic way like Kate Thornton on a tv show or a student night; I love it as it was the decade I went from child to teen, therefore we have that bond that cannot be broken. It soundtracked my ascent to adulthood via terrible haircuts, teen crushes, exams, smoking, being terrible at drinking and a good deal of shouting.

If you’d like to listen to it, it’s here. I named it Bumbags, Boybands and Britpop. All of these things I was into during that time.

Yes, I was very cool.

London Fields Jubliee Podcasts

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