Oh my, I have neglected to update the website of late. By that I mean almost six months. OOPS. By way of apols, please accept that picture of me above in my NYE get up from a couple of weeks ago. There, that makes up for it doesn’t it? And yes, it IS made of baubles.

I have been busy, not so busy I couldn’t type a few words onto the internet about me me me,  but the end of the year is always a bit crackers and not just because of Christmas.

Anyway, rather than sporadically posting with a whack of dates and goings on and then leaving hulking big gaps which makes it looks like I have fallen off the earth, as this upside down dj world is never the same each day the best place to find out about ME and what the heck I am doing in a professional sense (as well as bonus top telly chat) it’s best to follow me on Twitter, have a peep at Instagram and generally ignore Facebook (as I do). This isn’t a philosophy for all btw. But Facebook is a draaaaag

Hope you have an excellent 2018 and that we meet on a dancefloor soon



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