Hostess trolley

Many outdoors events this year have involved umbrellas and wellies or a combo of the two. That’s not a thrilling combo either. Thankfully a hot ball of yellow fire is once again riding high in the sky and yesterday’s BT River of Music gig at Battersea park was a glorious way to end a weekend of work, playing pop as the sun set to a group of enthused souls who stayed to dance until going home time. Let’s hope for all of us, our unworn summer wardrobes and the Olympics of course, that the rain doesn’t return. Them clothes need an airing for a start and  it will just look awful on the telly if the deluge makes a comeback.

This week I am mainly playing the role of hostess. This doesn’t involve fixing drinks or making dinners, which is good news as it’d mainly end up on the floor otherwise. No, it’s more about giving a twirl at the following:

Starting tomorrow night at Concrete I’ll be rallying Tuesday revellers into stepping up to the mic for the bi-monthly Now That’s What I Call Karaoke nights as part of Concrete’s Karaoke East nights. Hip Hop Karaoke do one week and I the next. It’s a karaoke supperclub of sorts, as long as you like pizza, for that is the supper part.

Each one will have a theme of sorts, starting with Battle of the Sexes where pop legends shall be leading the charge in terms of the song selection and YOU as the star.

Starts at 7pm, pizza and arguing over who sings what at 7.30pm, then the stage is open for performing prowess from 8pm. You can book a table for tea (£15), or turn up just to sing (£5). I may be persuaded to sing myself. It doesn’t take much. I’m persuaded already. To be honest, it’s a worry whether I will allow anyone else a go. (I will) (Just one person though)

Then on Thursday I will be attempting athletic feats of compering at Time Out Live’s Alternative Opening Ceremony at London Wonderground. It’s the day before another opening ceremony happening in London that you may have heard about.

Featuring some of London’s top cabaret stars such as East End Cabaret, the Lipsinkers, Up and Over It and MORE – see here – they’ll be putting on a performance to dazzle any global audience. The pressure is ON when faced with the eyes of the world. One doesn’t want to fail, although bigger stars have at similar style events …

Luckily, there probably won’t be a billion people watching, for one they haven’t got enough chairs in the Spiegeltent, so a marginally smaller sized audience will see me fall off the stage in one of my multiple costume changes. Starts at 9.15pm. First tumble (in a gymnastic style) will be 9.17pm approx.

Then on Friday, I’m going to try and negotiate the possible travel meta-heck in our capital to fly out to Barcelona and play at the ACE Razzmatazz at daft o’clock in the morning to beautiful spanish boys with amazing hair. That doesn’t involve hosting though. That’s more about playing records and whirling. But with a Spanish flair. Well, crap GCSE Spanish, but a flair regardless…

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