May Day

Well technically May Day itself hath been and gone. But every day in May is a May Day so the topic still stands.

Here’s what I’m doing / have done these days in May:

Last week I played at the top of a very high building, Millbank Tower to be precise. It has splendid views, look

Bit of London from up high

On Saturday, I played in a castle for a wedding for a Princess. Ok, she wasn’t a real Princess, but it was a real castle. Peckforton Castle in Cheshire. They have an owl sanctuary. Not keen on owls. They’re sinister. Even the baby ones. How can you be comfortable around something / someone that does’t blink I ask you?

Regardless of the swivel-headed starers, it was ACE. Love weddings, especially ones where people are up for dancing immediately. Which these ones were. Then I clambered back on to the train to the capital the next day for W Does Brunch, which is still serving you up a delightful dining experience complete with slippers every Sunday in the spangly W Hotel. Book yourself in here.

This Friday 9th May, it’s the annual Alternative Eurovision at LondonWonderground, a beautiful spiegeltent that’sll be spending the summer on the Southbank. The show will have superstars of the Cabaret scene representing a country from this united / confused unity and singing their own song their bloody best for them. I’ll be hosting the show and the acts trying to get your vote will be:

Bourgeois & Maurice, Ida Barr, Lili La Scala, Dusty Limits, Roulston & Young, Benjamin Louche, Femmes on the Thames, Tom Moans, Tempest Rose, Des O’ Connor (NOT THAT ONE), Flange Krammer & Sophie Hagen.

BOOK HERE. It’s brilliant. It’s nothing like the show on the telly on Saturday, but then what is? We don’t have the budget for all them wind machines and interpretive dancers with meaningful expressions. It’s bizarro Euro. Which isn’t that bizarre and perhaps on reflection, is actually just like the show, but with more colourful language and possible nudity.

It’s also the opening gala night for London Wonderground itself, so you know, no biggie…

Inside the spiegeltent. Minus chairs, stage and humans.

Otherwise am at these places playing records and larking about. In a professional entertaining matter of course:

17th – 50th Party (probably didn’t need to tell you that as you can’t come unless invited)

23rd – Shoreditch House – on the roof!

24th & 25th – Weddings!

31st –Shoreditch House – pon de roof


I hope our paths cross upon the dancefloor



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