Merry Christmas

Feels like a different Christian festival is upon us this weekend rather than the actual egg-fest that will be occurring, but the weather, as you probably know as you wear all your clothes every day to battle against the massive freeze, has not bucked its ideas up since November. At least the choc will bring temporary cheer.

Eggs! Chocolate eggs! Hooray!

This weekend I’ll be playing at a few parties, rather than hibernating under all the duvets one can find and mainlining refined carbs. First up, Thursday night for Gymbox, the super snazzy London gym group for their quarterly party. It’s not in the gym though – booze and exercise don’t really mix as I’ve found several times on a hungover guilt-run and fallen over / run into walls / headbutted lampposts etc – but in a secret space. Luckily I know where this is otherwise I’d be wandering the capital’s streets like a sequin-clad hobo.

Saturday is Guilty Pleasures at KOKO and it’s a Pyjama Party! Weeee! So really we could all turn up with morning hair and stained dressing gowns, but it’s not really the best Saturday night look. Unless you’re staying in of course then that’s perfectly acceptable. Or indeed you are mad or ill. Again, totally fine. Therefore will be making sure my nocturnal get up is suitable for the grand stage of KOKO and its colossal mirror ball seeing as I am neither of the latter.

Sunday, I won’t be going to church (sorry Jesus) but djing at a birthday party. Love birthdays. And Weddings. Not just because there’s cake – although one cannot deny that is a bonus – but because they’re a proper celebration and everyone is up for F.U.N. So hooray for that.

Yeah, seems about the right size

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Last Sunday (24th) had the soft launch of the brand new W Does Brunch Sunday Brunch Party that I am doing with the super glam W Hotel in Leicester Square. It starts properly on 14th April then every Sunday forever more and I am hideously excited about it. It’s a super deluxe Sunday relax / hang out, with amazing food, music (from me), a film and loads of other stuff that makes it a good excuse to lounge around the splendid hotel in slippers. Oh yes, you get slippers to wear to get into the relaxed vibe. Stained dressing gowns not an option alas. Again, that’s for your eyes only.

Will have more news on the above as soon as. Promise. Appreciate you may not believe me seeing how rubbish I am at updating this here blog, but you can always follow me on Twitter for up to the minute (sort of) things I’m up to and just nonsense really.




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