My favourite bits of current pop records

Are as follows:

Carly Rae Jespen’s “woo!” in “Good Time” with Owl City (but only┬áthe “woo!”, not the song as a whole, just the “woo!’. Hope that’s clear). Listen here, but only to the “woo!”. It’s a good “woo!”.

The song itself is awful and without said “woo!” would in fact be dreadful. Owl City have a lot to thank that “woo!” for.

And the other is the “we-eee!” in Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. Listen to it

Unlike Owl City and “Good Time”, this song isn’t rubbish. It doesn’t actually need the “we-eee!’ to make it better than it is, as it’s an excellent pop song already. But it’s good that it does have the “we-eee!”. That “we-eee!” is ace.

Well done “we-ee!”, well done.

That’s it.

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