On air and on the train

On Saturday I’m doing another Dinner Disco, my radio show about food and dancing about one’s kitchen, LIVE (eek!) at Land of Kings Festival in Dalston.

Live radio. It’s what it’s all about, man. I actually haven’t done any since I co-presented the Guilty Pleasures show on BBC London with Sean Rowley. All that used to go through my head when I did that show was DON’T SWEAR OR SAY ANYTHING RUDE PLEASE ANNA. Sometimes I failed. I said Barbara Windsor was bald which may or may not be true, but was a bit mean. At least I didn’t say she was f***ing bald, that would have been worse. Anyway, am going to get all my swear words out the day before by cursing relentlessly for 24 hours. That way I will be clean of mouth come broadcast o’clock.

Babs: NOT bad

Rather than having a recipe to soundtrack (which is the usual format for the show) I’ve got guests including Claire Roberson of pop up dining sensation (yes, sensation) Shacklewell Nights who’s done some amazing hidden dining events in London and performance artist Best Cleo who is performing her show Diet Coke is illegal in the Philipines at the festival. The show isn’t really about the legal outgoings of the low calorie soft drink, but it does involve ballet, bingo and a meal where Cleo has made the plates and spoons herself. Bet you didn’t see that coming did you? We’ll be talking about how all these things work within her show and how her brain manages to come up with such impressive ideas. And how she made the spoons of course.

Claire isn’t doing anything in the festival. We’re just going to talk dinners. I like dinners. So does Claire so that’s good.

Good dinner

It’s broadcast on Hackney’s finest London Fields Radio which you can listen to again and again should you feel the need. You’re just not able to yet because I haven’t done it. But come Monday, you can! Or you can come and listen to it LIVE on Saturday and see me try and not swear – details here  I’m on 6- 7pm and there are other super excellent London Fields Radio djs doing their shows too from 5 – 11pm. Have a look and see who’s on

On Sunday I’m djing at a wedding in Cornwall where the taxi firms consist of one man and his car and the train journey is about five hours from London. But I LOVE a wedding and the bride has specifically requested some 90s dance pop bangers and a RAVE hour (yes!) also Cornwall isn’t half bad with its sea and beaches and pasties and rogue looking fishermen, plus in my mind I am djing on top of a cliff in front of the sea so as long as it doesn’t rain and I don’t fall off, it should be rather splendid fun.

Dinners, disco, trains and taxis. And therein ends my Bank Holiday weekend travails.

Another good dinner

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