Palaces, Disco and Mud

I’m djing at a Palace tomorrow. Not THE palace, but A palace is good enough for me.

It is in fact Fulham Palace. This is what it looks like

It’s pretty. I thought all palaces looked like this (or a version of it with turrets and decorative balls):

So I’ve learnt today to not presume about palaces. What with being in a palace I’ll have to deck myself out decently in case an Earl or Count falls happily ever after in love with me and I get married and am a princess who lives in the palace. Or not, but wouldn’t it be a larf if it did? I think I’d look quite fetching in a tiara.

Friday I’m djing in the Saturday Night Fever Disco at the Saturday Night Fever spectacle at the Old Vic Tunnels. A recreation of the set of the film with streets, diners, bars, shops, DISCO and screening of the film will all happen underneath Waterloo Station. How amazing. So excited. I get to play disco records all night long and pretend I am a disco dancing star. Am going to try not to get fully into character, but the amateur dramatics from my youth may have other ideas and rear up and take over me. Kind of like possession, but in a Fame school way. Oh dear that sounds dreadful. Let’s hope it’s it works out for the best for everyone’s sake.

It runs from today, 11th July – Saturday 21st. I’m djing this Friday in the disco after the last screening from 11pm and then again on Saturday 21st. Read more and buy tickets here 

Then Saturday I’ll be jumping on the train to beautiful Suffolk for the annual Latitude Festival Guilty Pleasures party. GP has hosted the Comedy Arena every year since Latitude’s inception and it’s a joy and a privilege to play there. Everything is marvellous from the site to the crowd to the Latitude staff who are so nice it makes you behave like a better human being.

Gosh that was gushing. Maybe I should say something vile to balance it out. No. No, I shall desist. I will be like a Latitude worker instead and stay LOVELY.

I’ll be alongside GP cohorts Sean Rowley, the DreamBears, Sparklemotion and 6,000 mud-clad pop lovers dancing their way to trench foot in a giddy throng. Tickets are here if you fancy a last minute jaunt. It’s worth it you know.

Then on Sunday I shall be looking like a half dead human and eating doritos on the sofa. Classy way to end the weekend non? Not sure if that Earl will want to marry me after all. Oh well.

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