Politics of Pop – Radio Special

America goes to the polls next week to vote for their President for the next four years. You probably know this already, what with it being on the telly / radio / front pages of papers and that all the time, but because of this I made a radio show for London Fields Radio about how the pop world will be voting.

Or how I think it will be from the hours of research I have put in, pouring over documents late night in libraries not unlike a scene from a serious film about a lawyer or detective who does important things. Not at all like reading daft news stories on line and googling celebrities. None of that. Was all libraries at a leather topped desk with one of them green table lamps. Promise.

It’ll probably have a crucial effect on the swing vote states due to the revelations revealed about how KISS will vote or if Cameron Diaz likes Romney’s hair etc. It’s insightful, critical and crucial comment. Kind of like Newsnight, The Today programme and  the Chart Show in one. (But mainly the Chart Show).

Listen here to the show



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