Doing me Big Bumper Pop Quiz on Sunday 24th April at the splendid Shoreditch House. It starts after you’ve finished digesting your roast dinner at 6pm in the Library.

Here is an enticing description of what’s in store:

A trashular spectacular quiz from the poundshop queen of pop, DJ Anna Greenwood. Testing your brains with showbiz trivia from tv, music and celeb gossip, it’s a quiz for those fluent in emoji, know their CBB from their MIC and always have an eye on the Sidebar of Shame.

Featuring: Name that Tune (on the recorder), Instaham (where Instagram meets Ham) and THE MADNESS OF KANYE rounds. Prizes, medals and GLORY for winners, mega LOLZ for all!

Maximum six members per team. No cheating or googling or we’ll throw your phone in the pool

No doubt you are ALL clamouring to come after reading that. If you’re a member then it’s free. That’s good isn’t it? You need to be a member to go there anyway. But if you ask me nicely I could perhaps bagsy a table for ya’ll. Drop me a line – anna@annagreenwood.co.uk 

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