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I’ve been djing and hosting in some ace places the past few weeks. Shall we have a look at them? Ok!


Ok, I know I’ve been here many, many times, but it is still one of my favourite places in the Universe. It’s such brilliant fun, everyone is so ace and it’s a guaranteed BANGER of a night out in this five-roomed disco mecca. It also happens to be in Barcelona, which as we know, isn’t too shabby a location. I was there at the end of July, sadly only for the night, but still was a belter of a night up in the pop bar, packed with revellers dancing until dawn. Can’t WAIT to go back.


Cannon Bridge Roof Gardens feat. Pete Fowler mid-daub

Ashamedly, I didn’t even know this place existed before I went there. It’s a glorious garden on top of an office block in the city with the most spectacular views of London and the river. Was there on a BAKING hot summer’s evening for an amazing Miss Cakehead curated event for Go Ahead, them biscuits for people who are dieting but still want biscuits. It’s a service to be honest.

Miss Cakehead – whom I have mentioned before – is an event curator, pr specialist and all round ace face. For this rooftop rave, fruit was the inspiration so alongside the drinks, food and summertime sounds from the Mariachi band, there was melon bowling (yes, melons as the bowling balls), grape crushing a la the French (socks off if you please!), banana pinantas, the excellent Pete Fowler painting a fruity scene, oh and me! Djing dressed as a pineapple. LOOK AT MY DJ BOOTH! I very nearly died with love when I saw it.

Oh and it wouldn’t have been right had there not been cake. There was cake. Lots. Check these fellas out. They are cakes. Incredible.


Cake proof!


It was such ridiculous fun and ended with a masive disco dance on the lawns as the sun went down. So. Much. FUN.



Cor. I was asked to compere Salon Des Artistes for Black Cat Cabaret here and what a room this is! So much gold! Such opulence! Such amazing history! Such temptation to get trollied on gin and lounge around in jewels on a chaise longue looking wistful smoking dead thin fags!  I didn’t manage the latter, seeing as one has to keep some sort of professional air.

Black Cat Cabaret and Salon Des Artistes host the cream of London’s cabaret stars weekly and is a properly entertaining night out with top notch acts who can do things that us mere mortals can’t. So let them do it and be dazzled by them instead. Was a joy to host and to watch such talented types work their magic.


Ok, a boat on the Thames, but the Thames all the same. This was for the Hilton Park Lane’s annual saunter down the river and I soundtracked the soiree whilst trying not to fall over. It’s quite testing of one’s balance dancing on a moving vessel, none more so in stillies. Unfortunately the weather was a bit miz, but still managed to get some shots of night time London from the river’s eye.

Slight OCD light issues, but otherwise pretty


Yeah, that massive piece of glass sitting next to London Bridge piercing the sky. I played right at the top of it. Ok, not the very top, but near enough – 69th floor. GULP. It’s high enough for me to be honest, heights are not my best mate, but was incredible to be up there playing records in the sky. I took some pictures (holding on to pillars and not being able to venture too close to the floor-to-ceiling windows for fear of vertigo attack and launching myself OUT of them) and also tried out there toilets which also boast the massive windows and NO BLINDS. You basically wee on London in full view. A pervert in an office block could see you go about your business if they so desired. My dad pointed out that it’s probably one-way glass. HOW WILL WE EVER KNOW? London Bridge from up high

Toilet to the world

LONDON WONDERGROUND Oh and have been hosting The WOW Show at London Wonderground every other Wednesday since early July. It’s so much fun and such a glorious space. Last one is on September 3rd. I will miss it 🙁


And of course, W Does Brunch is still serving up a weekly tasty treat of food, drinks, music, telly, slippers, sofas and lounging around reading papers and generally maxing out Sunday. It’s somewhat of a sparkly space too. Better than your average Hotel bar, but then W isn’t your average! Spangly Sundays to make you smile.


Finally, this weekend sees The Big Wedding Weekend at the Southbank Centre where loads of couples will be wedded on mass then have a MASSIVE party in the glorious Clore Ballroom and I’m the dj! SCREAM.

I mentioned this a while ago and I have a frock made especially for it. It’s the closest I’ll get to being the bride EVER so am not exactly going to be shy with my attire… Pictures to follow.

Saturday’s chapel of love…


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