Saturday Night Soiree

Am doing a new disco at the splendid 76 Dean St Soho House. It’s on Saturday 16th April.

It’s called Saturday Night Soiree. Here’s some excitable words about it:

Push back the sofas, put on your favourite records and raid the drinks cabinet!

It’s 76’s Saturday Night Soiree!

A social shimmy in the heart of Soho at the top of the House. With Dj Anna Greenwood behind the decks, chi-chi cocktails behind the bar and a gang of merrymakers getting the party into a swing, it’s your new favourite night out. Come kick up your heels and join us for a vol-au-vont and a Babycham. Bottoms up and disco down!

What larks. Plus I play actual records. Vinyl ones that weigh a tonne and possibly are scratched and jump just like in the olden days. Still excellent fun though. An extra dimension to the disco. It’s starts at 9pm and stops at 1am. Then you can carry on in your own living rooms if you fancy. I think you should.


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