Not your typical sporting arena the pub, but it’s a fitting album / image regardless.

It’s Olympic year. I live in an Olympic borough. I like sport. (Well, apart from Rugby. And Hockey. And even though you have to be in top shape to be an F1 driver, I cannot for the life of me fathom how it is classified as a sport it’s just driving, only dead fast. But still, driving. Not running, jumping, throwing, generally exerting oneself – driving).

But beside my lack of appreciation of some aspects of this sporting life, it appears to be a underlying theme for this month. Here be the facts:

Exhibit a:

In the current DJ Magazine, Lulu Le Vay has written an article about djs who work out. Of which I am one. Look:

My hair looks dreadful, but beside the vanity woe, it’s well worth a read as other djs and producers such as Giles Peterson, Juan Maclean, Cedric Lassonde and others share their enthusiasm for this exercise lark. It’s what happens when one grows up it seems.

Exhibit b:

I am playing my first Funk the Buddha party, a yoga workout night-out like no other on Saturday 21st July. Click the picture to read some words about it:


Exhibit c:

On Thursday 26th July, I am hosting Time Out Live’s Alternative Olympic Opening Ceremony  at London Wonderground where the elite Cabaret stars of swinging London town will battle for gold, for glory and greatness through feats of performance excellence and possible lycra overload. The latter may just be on my part though.

So you see, sports is very much key to this month’s activities.

You know, I was dead good at hurdles when I was 14. I can say that as none of you would know otherwise, but I was, promise. I could have been competing down the road this month had I kept it up and not found an early interest in fags, going out, sweets, boys, underage drinking etc.

Let this be a lesson to the kids of today – do running and jumping instead of smoking to impress boys and you could win a medal. Or not. After all, it’s the taking part that counts isn’t it?

(No, it’s not. It’s the winning).




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