Weekend Work Workout!

Getting in training for the weekend of work WOW


Have neglected to update the internet / WORLD on recent happenings because I have been somewhat distracted and / or forgetful. Not that anyone noticed tbh. Have been doing lots of gigs up and down and around this septic isle and drove a car for the first time oin six and a half years. I drove it for 500 miles in 36 hours. I don’t do things by halves. Also, I didn’t drive that far in that time frame for the heck of it, it was a work practicality thing. It still takes me six hours to get anywhere though. No idea how or why, especially in this modern age and google maps and that.

ANYWAY, gorra bit of a BANGER of a weekend coming up starting this Thursday 26th of August where am heading to my place of birth, Leeds, for Leeds Festival where Rave Karaoke will be kicking of the weekends festivities from 8.45pm on the Alternative Stage. Am on before DJ Yoda AND Grandmaster Flash. BLOODY HELL.

Friday 27th am back in London and indeed in store at the high st mega mecca H&M Oxford Circus for an afternoon shop disco 4-8pm.

Saturday 28th it’s the Big Wedding Weekend at Southbank! SCREAM! I LOVE THIS SO VERY VERY MUCH. It’s the third year and indeed my third time to be the reception DJ for about 30 couples, their families, friends and wedding crashers (it’s a free party – come and join in!) for a big party of L.O.V.E. I am super excited for it. I love love and this is super love.

Sunday sees me as always at the glorious (it really is) W Hotel for W Does Brunch as I soundtrack the deluxe dining delight as you settle back on sofas and let the super ace W staff attend to your every need. Well within reason. They won’t bring you diamonds no mater how much you need them. But they will bring you bottomless Bloody Mary’s, a three course feast and fizzy alco-LOL. 12-4pm every Sunday, book it in here.

Will tell you about September and all that business in another post because right now I need to pack 400 glow sticks.


Busy bizzee BiZi

Check the cool street spellings.

So, it’s been a bit hectic and I haven’t updated the site, but I do quack about my goings on on twitter so you can see what in the hell I do by following me here. If you want. If you don’t then that’s equally fine. why you’re on this site though I don’t know Unless your my mum and don’t have twitter. In that case HI MUM.

Anyhoo, went to Glastonbury for the marathon gigs, they were amazing. It is amazing. I loved it and was the best of times all the time I was there. Played all manner of music and had a Glastonbury “moment” every day with a coming together of hilariously fun people in a collected love of some song or other, congas, anti-rain dances, dance OFFS, tops off, uncontrollable disco dancing and just A HECK OF A TIME. I was fuelled by coffee and chocolate and – no doubt – the druids vibes that were in abundance at the hallowed site. It truly is magical. I think I’ve been infected with hippy love. There are worse things to be infected with though tbh. Since returning everything has been ace, so the druids are clearly still at work. unless I stood too close to them funny cigarettes people had on the go. Whichevs, it was ACE. I hope I get to go back and do it all again some day. SIGH

Mid-set Glastonbury dj selfie with “concentrating face” in full effect

As soon as I got back it was all systems GO for the first Rave Karaoke at The Old Queen’s Head and it was a STORMER of a debut! We raved and sang and whooped it up in super style for a Thursday and will be back on Thursday August 8th for more of the same. You can get a ticket here

Since then I’ve been playing a few birthday parties, H&M, the marvellous W Hotel, South Place Hotel, hosted a dj battle (!!) & Indeedy Musical Bingo and recorded a show for Heat Radio. The latter has been super exciting. Radio is one of my dear loves and as Heat loves pop, celebs, gossip, silliness and general FUN it’s pretty much my ideal radio home. (To balance all this love of the sugary side of life I read the articles with all the big words at the back of the paper. Life is light and shade after all). Will let you know when I’m on air. SCREAM!

So the summer sees me off to Kendal Calling for Rave Karaoke, Leeds Festival for the very same, Southbank Centre for the Big Wedding Weekend bonanza, a gig with Chas and Dave (YES!) and loads more STUFF.

Will try to keep you up to date. But you know how unable I am to stick to that.

Anyway, here’s some things and dates for you. Hope to see you at some. Tra!

SATURDAY 18TH JULY – I’m doing a wedding! In Dalston! You can only go if you are invited though. Or the Bride or Groom. You should know this.

EVERY SUNDAYW Does BrunchW Hotel – The best brunch in swinging London town. We have a feast for body, brains, ears, mouths, eyes and legs as they get to sprawl on sofas in slippers and be served up a right treat. I soundtrack it all between 12-4pm

MONDAY 20TH JULY – Tell it Like it Quiz – The Electric – Taking my lolz-packed, trash can culture quiz over West for some brain-testing (well, kind of…) Monday night fun.

THURSDAY 23RD JULY – Heddon St Kitchen – Gordon Ramsay owns this place. Am djing at a party there. Don’t think el Gordo will be there. But you may be?

FRIDAY 24TH JULY – H&M pop up – Brick Lane – Not sure WHERE this is exactly, but I will do and will be there betwixt 3 – 7pm.

FRIDAY 31ST JULYRAVE KARAOKE AT KENDAL CALLING – SCREAM! This is going to be ACE. Kicking off their Acid House party on the Friday of it’s 10th year, Rave Karaoke will have you reaching for the lasers and singing your heart out as we pump up the jam. It’s sold out! Me and Snoop! SCREAM AGAIN!


Wedding Weekend Wonder

The glorious Southbank Centre have been running a Festival of Love throughout the Summer months. This saw all manner of events, talks and goings on around the theme of L.O.V.E. It culminated (climaxed? (sorry) with the Big Wedding Weekend on the final weekend of August. I mentioned this previously, as I really have nothing else to talk about, and it saw 70 couples getting hitched en masse in the Royal Festival stage before having food, photos, drinks and a massive reception in the Clore Ballroom with the London Big Gay Band and me as the DJ. Yes!

Suffice to say it was possibly the greatest gig I’ve ever been asked to do and done as I LOVE a wedding and it being a wedding x 70 the excitement was close to fainting levels. Couples from all manner of backgrounds, ages, sexes and creeds were celebrating themselves and love in an unique and magical event. Apologise if I sound somewhat gushing, but it really was. I feel somewhat privileged / honoured / lucky / giddy to have been part of it and part of so many peoples’ big day.

Clore Ballroom photo by Belinda Lawley

What with it being a somewhat DOCK OFF party, it seemed only fitting that one had a frock to match. Seeing as this was probably the closest I was going to get to wearing a wedding dress EVER (not begging for sympathy, I am more than aware that no one wants to take this on ’til death do us part) I thought I may as well go for it. The clever minded and fingered Ana Kostina helped bring the dream to life, with a massive white ruffle / ball of meringue which LIT UP! SCREAM! It’s possibly the greatest thing I will ever own. I still can’t put it in the wardrobe as it’s so ace. It deserves more than to be banished into the darkness. Although whether more is hanging up on a doorframe, I’m not sure. But at least I can see it and swoon.

Look at me GLOW
Frock in full (and sweaty) flow

The parties were incredible. When the couples took to the floor for the mass first dance it was both hilarious and moving. Especially as you saw how they were all in their own world cheered by their friends and family, yet still part of one big massive occasion together. It was quite magical. Then they just went crackers as you should do on your wedding day and all the different wedding parties  were dancing with each other, pouring champagne down each others’ necks and having the biggest conga I think I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Also, as it was open tot he public, there were plenty of wedding crashers who kind of were but weren’t and just added to the whole vibe. It was ridiculously ace. On both nights. In an increasingly scary world it’s nice to have these pockets of love and celebration. Oh dear, I’m getting a bit gushing again. Can’t help it! It was a wonderful thing.

Bride stage invasion! photo by Belinda Lawley

To top off what was an already astounding weekend, the Southbank asked me to stay in A Room For London, the boat-shaped hotel room on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall for the night as their “Artist in Residence”. I KNOW. I nearly fell off my chair when they asked me. You can read more about it here. It’s your own private place in the middle of the city, on the banks of the Thames, Big Ben to the left and St Pauls to the right. Incredible views of the city, so much so that I slept with the blinds open and I kept waking up and swooning then going back to sleep again. Still can’t believe I stayed there. You can enter a ballot to be elected to stay there or prance around in a lit up frock playing records at a meta wedding disco and they invite you instead. You may need to do the former seeing how I’ve already done the latter soz.

Back end of boat. Not sure of the nautical term

View from the bow bedroom. SWOON
Good morning London!

It was quite simply a wonderful weekend. So much happiness, love and fun was totally infectious and somewhat marvellous. Love really does save the day. SIGH.


See more of Belinda Lawley’s shots of the party and the festival here

Ding Dong

I love a wedding me. Favourite gigs usually as everyone is so happy and tipsy, wearing nice clothes and eating cake. They really are quite marvellous things. I really should have one myself one day.

But until hell freezes over and someone wants to take me on, I shall be content to be the turn at said big days. And none is bigger than the Southbank Centre’s Big Wedding Weekend. As part of their Festival of Love, it’s a two day celebration where couples of all sexes, ages, creeds and colours can get married or renew their vows in a unique wedding en masse on the Royal Festival Hall stage and then celebrate with their guests at the wedding breakfast followed by entertainment and a reception. It’s amazing! Six ceremonies over the weekend of 20 couples each time making history and magical moments together. Read more here 

It’s like the moonies, minus the cult factor but with a massive WOW factor instead. It’s such a brilliant thing, I want to marry it.

And who is the dj for the reception..?


Me. Me. Me. ME.

Suffice to say I am quite excited about this. A special frock is in creation as I type. It may be the only time I can get close to a wedding dress so I’m going for it. My mother will be pleased.

The reception is also open to all so if you want to come and pretend you’re married and dance like a loon at the disco, you can! It’s going to be a glorious weekend. Can’t WAIT.