Rainbows and RAVING


Although I am no longer listing my gigs on here – am just doing them, although some can randomly appear on me Twitter – thought would grant this the great honour of a web post. But mainly because I like the alliteration of the above words combined in a title with a purpose to inform.

But onto the matter in hand. First up, Rainbows! Am back at W Hotel on Sunday 8th July for their glorious Pride Brunch. W are doing a whole weekend of Pride celebration with parties galore. See here for info, booking and more I’m on 1-4pm with a whole host of disco dancing djing and sequinned prancing.

Then the following Saturday, we be RAVING. Making a return to the excellent Latitude Festival on Saturday 14th July with Rave Karaoke in the (massive – eek!) Comedy Arena at 10.30pm for a neon night of day glo delight! Oh God I love me rhymes. Me, you, all the glow sticks and an arsenal of BANGERS to unleash upon the Suffolk massive! If you’re going come and rave with me! If you are thinking about going, do it and come rave with me! Basically, what I’m trying to say is: EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!*

See you on a dancefloor soon! Ta ra


* But mainly on Saturday 14th July, at Latitude if that’s ok ta.



A slattern, according to google image search


You alright? Hope so.

I haven’t updated this site for ages because I am a dreadful slattern. That’s not the done thing in these modern times of fast paced internet media is it? Although, this website isn’t about the world, but still, bad form Anna.

ANYWAY, been doing lots of gigs and planning stuff and spending too much money on make up and sweets and not saving for a pension like what my sister does. But then she doesn’t prance about in daft get ups playing records for coin does she? No, she doesn’t.

It’s been an horrifically sad week for Manchester, my home town and for pop culture. I think it won’t stop being so awful for a very long time. It’s good to carry on and do stuff if you can and want to, but if you don’t, then that’s equally fine. Just doing massive cries are also 100% OK too.

In work terms, been playing in bars and clubs and Barcelona and Museums and private parties and weddings and hotels and that. And am doing some more of that this month here. Although, this month (May) is nearly done so you get June too. You can thank me later:

WEDDING – London, Saturday 27th May

They have a professional dance troupe and a mariachi band. Mega lolz await

BRUNCHW Hotel, Leicester Square, Sunday 28th May, 4th, 11th & 18th June

Best Brunch in town in London’s dazzling disco hotel. Come check it before it closes for the summer refurb!

RAZZMATAZZ – Barcelona, Friday 2nd June

Back in banging Barcelona for the night!

WEDDING – London, Saturday 3rd June

No details on a mariachi band AS YET

MIGHTY HOOPLA – Victoria Park, Sunday 4th June 

Playing a S/A/W ONLY set at London’s massive one day only pop parade

SWINGERS – London, Friday 9th June

NOT A SEX PLACE. Don’t worry Aunty Margaret, ’tis crazy golf. I may wear sequinned plus fours.

G-A-Y – Heaven (London, not the God place), Friday 16th June

Main room, all-killer no-filler whacking great big pop BANGERS

GLASTONBURY – William’s Green Bar, Thursday 22nd June – Sunday 26th June

Marathon djing weekend residency at the world’s biggest and most amazing festival. Come and see us and bring us an ice cream would you? Ta

PRIVATE PARTY – Chateau de Berne, Marseille, Saturday 1st July



Flaming June

Here’s where I am this month in case you want to come and look / listen / dance and that.

Wednesday 5th June – Quizzically Challenged – The Phoenix

A quiz. For people with simple minds or who may like Simple Minds. I can take or leave them to be honest, but the quiz is hosted by myself and Neil Prince and it’s hugely lo-brow in terms of questions but hugely hilarious thanks to our gifted brainzzz.

Starts at 7pm. Book yourself in here


Friday 7th June

Double disco – H&M Oxford Circus, 12pm – 4pm amongst the leggings, then Shoreditch House 10pm – 3am.

Every Sunday – Brunch! At W Does Brunch in the super spangly W Hotel in Leicester Square. Relax, unwind and feast in slippers on sofas whilst I dj throughout your dining delights. The Welsh Rarebit is the highlight of my week. It’s ridiculously delicious. I think about it at least four times an hour. You may think this is tragic, but that clearly means you haven’t had it. Because you would do the same.

Read about it here (Brunch, not the rarebit). Call 0207 758 1060 to book in.


Friday Night Disco – The Social – Friday 14th June

My monthly disco at London’s home of hedonism, The Social. Come whirl your way into the weekend.


Saturday 15th June – DocFest – Sheffield

Making the annual jaunt to the Pennines for the brilliant DocFest weekend of documentary delegates going nut nut on the dancefloor.

Read about Doc Fest here. Only if you like. You should though. It’s ace.


Saturday 22nd June 

Wedding! LOVE A WEDDING ME. Last week I did one in Surrey and there were TWO flavours of wedding cake. I had four pieces. A solid 8/10.

Oh you can’t come to the wedding unless your’re invited soz.


Saturday 29th June

Another wedding!  And Guilty Pleasures at KOKO.

Again, same rules apply re wedding in terms of going, but good news, you’re always invited to Guilty Pleasures. Book a ticket and read about the party here.

It’s my sister’s birthday in that week too. Same day as George Michael. They’re not very alike though, well as far as I can tell. She’s ok driving, but not very good at singing and being a megastar. However she’s never been given the chance so who knows.

Ok bye






I’m doing it. You can do it too. Every Sunday at The W Hotel in London’s glittering West End at W Does Brunch.

Well you can do it when it launches on 5th May. It’s a super fun glamover-hangover with food, films, music and fun. Here is a visual representation to entice you:

There’s even slippers too so you can get into full Sunday mode and sprawl around on the sofas reading the papers, taking in a cocktail masterclass, watching the film or classic tv series in the screening room, stock up on sweets and treats, oh and of course listening to my music. Not MY actual music that I made, that wouldn’t be very good. In fact it would be a lot like this:

No one wants that. So it’s me djing suitable Sunday music to soothe your ears / mind and make Sunday a swinging affair!

NOT THAT KIND. Just good clean fun.

And slippers.

Email Holly to book or find out more and come disco dine with us!

Merry Christmas

Feels like a different Christian festival is upon us this weekend rather than the actual egg-fest that will be occurring, but the weather, as you probably know as you wear all your clothes every day to battle against the massive freeze, has not bucked its ideas up since November. At least the choc will bring temporary cheer.

Eggs! Chocolate eggs! Hooray!

This weekend I’ll be playing at a few parties, rather than hibernating under all the duvets one can find and mainlining refined carbs. First up, Thursday night for Gymbox, the super snazzy London gym group for their quarterly party. It’s not in the gym though – booze and exercise don’t really mix as I’ve found several times on a hungover guilt-run and fallen over / run into walls / headbutted lampposts etc – but in a secret space. Luckily I know where this is otherwise I’d be wandering the capital’s streets like a sequin-clad hobo.

Saturday is Guilty Pleasures at KOKO and it’s a Pyjama Party! Weeee! So really we could all turn up with morning hair and stained dressing gowns, but it’s not really the best Saturday night look. Unless you’re staying in of course then that’s perfectly acceptable. Or indeed you are mad or ill. Again, totally fine. Therefore will be making sure my nocturnal get up is suitable for the grand stage of KOKO and its colossal mirror ball seeing as I am neither of the latter.

Sunday, I won’t be going to church (sorry Jesus) but djing at a birthday party. Love birthdays. And Weddings. Not just because there’s cake – although one cannot deny that is a bonus – but because they’re a proper celebration and everyone is up for F.U.N. So hooray for that.

Yeah, seems about the right size

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Last Sunday (24th) had the soft launch of the brand new W Does Brunch Sunday Brunch Party that I am doing with the super glam W Hotel in Leicester Square. It starts properly on 14th April then every Sunday forever more and I am hideously excited about it. It’s a super deluxe Sunday relax / hang out, with amazing food, music (from me), a film and loads of other stuff that makes it a good excuse to lounge around the splendid hotel in slippers. Oh yes, you get slippers to wear to get into the relaxed vibe. Stained dressing gowns not an option alas. Again, that’s for your eyes only.

Will have more news on the above as soon as. Promise. Appreciate you may not believe me seeing how rubbish I am at updating this here blog, but you can always follow me on Twitter for up to the minute (sort of) things I’m up to and just nonsense really.