Website updating


Am currently in the process of updating the website as it looks older than my FACE.

So please bear with me whilst it gets fillers, botox and a hot new plaything.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of me on NYE about to perform at Royal Festival Hall for the NYE Spectacular.

LOOK AT MY DRESS. Am still dead with love from it

Ok, be back soon ta ra

Rainbows and RAVING


Although I am no longer listing my gigs on here – am just doing them, although some can randomly appear on me Twitter – thought would grant this the great honour of a web post. But mainly because I like the alliteration of the above words combined in a title with a purpose to inform.

But onto the matter in hand. First up, Rainbows! Am back at W Hotel on Sunday 8th July for their glorious Pride Brunch. W are doing a whole weekend of Pride celebration with parties galore. See here for info, booking and more I’m on 1-4pm with a whole host of disco dancing djing and sequinned prancing.

Then the following Saturday, we be RAVING. Making a return to the excellent Latitude Festival on Saturday 14th July with Rave Karaoke in the (massive – eek!) Comedy Arena at 10.30pm for a neon night of day glo delight! Oh God I love me rhymes. Me, you, all the glow sticks and an arsenal of BANGERS to unleash upon the Suffolk massive! If you’re going come and rave with me! If you are thinking about going, do it and come rave with me! Basically, what I’m trying to say is: EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!*

See you on a dancefloor soon! Ta ra


* But mainly on Saturday 14th July, at Latitude if that’s ok ta.





Oh my, I have neglected to update the website of late. By that I mean almost six months. OOPS. By way of apols, please accept that picture of me above in my NYE get up from a couple of weeks ago. There, that makes up for it doesn’t it? And yes, it IS made of baubles.

I have been busy, not so busy I couldn’t type a few words onto the internet about me me me,  but the end of the year is always a bit crackers and not just because of Christmas.

Anyway, rather than sporadically posting with a whack of dates and goings on and then leaving hulking big gaps which makes it looks like I have fallen off the earth, as this upside down dj world is never the same each day the best place to find out about ME and what the heck I am doing in a professional sense (as well as bonus top telly chat) it’s best to follow me on Twitter, have a peep at Instagram and generally ignore Facebook (as I do). This isn’t a philosophy for all btw. But Facebook is a draaaaag

Hope you have an excellent 2018 and that we meet on a dancefloor soon




A slattern, according to google image search


You alright? Hope so.

I haven’t updated this site for ages because I am a dreadful slattern. That’s not the done thing in these modern times of fast paced internet media is it? Although, this website isn’t about the world, but still, bad form Anna.

ANYWAY, been doing lots of gigs and planning stuff and spending too much money on make up and sweets and not saving for a pension like what my sister does. But then she doesn’t prance about in daft get ups playing records for coin does she? No, she doesn’t.

It’s been an horrifically sad week for Manchester, my home town and for pop culture. I think it won’t stop being so awful for a very long time. It’s good to carry on and do stuff if you can and want to, but if you don’t, then that’s equally fine. Just doing massive cries are also 100% OK too.

In work terms, been playing in bars and clubs and Barcelona and Museums and private parties and weddings and hotels and that. And am doing some more of that this month here. Although, this month (May) is nearly done so you get June too. You can thank me later:

WEDDING – London, Saturday 27th May

They have a professional dance troupe and a mariachi band. Mega lolz await

BRUNCHW Hotel, Leicester Square, Sunday 28th May, 4th, 11th & 18th June

Best Brunch in town in London’s dazzling disco hotel. Come check it before it closes for the summer refurb!

RAZZMATAZZ – Barcelona, Friday 2nd June

Back in banging Barcelona for the night!

WEDDING – London, Saturday 3rd June

No details on a mariachi band AS YET

MIGHTY HOOPLA – Victoria Park, Sunday 4th June 

Playing a S/A/W ONLY set at London’s massive one day only pop parade

SWINGERS – London, Friday 9th June

NOT A SEX PLACE. Don’t worry Aunty Margaret, ’tis crazy golf. I may wear sequinned plus fours.

G-A-Y – Heaven (London, not the God place), Friday 16th June

Main room, all-killer no-filler whacking great big pop BANGERS

GLASTONBURY – William’s Green Bar, Thursday 22nd June – Sunday 26th June

Marathon djing weekend residency at the world’s biggest and most amazing festival. Come and see us and bring us an ice cream would you? Ta

PRIVATE PARTY – Chateau de Berne, Marseille, Saturday 1st July



2017 and that


Have been terribly tardy of late with the updates, sorry to anyone who is actually arsed.

Anyhoo, had a v busy December what with Christmas parties in their full swing and squeezed in a trip to Barcelona at the start of the month, as well as er, Bournemouth, but both were work not pleasure. Although, really, my work IS pleasure, especially when it’s by the seaside. Then it was actual Christmas so didn’t do nuffink work wise until NYE. But I don’t have to explain myself. You’re not the boss of me.

Before I quack on, must alert your ears and eyes to this LATEST PODCAST . This time on Anna Greenwood Likes to Talk, I talk to Zoe McNulty, a fierce fitness force, body confidence expert and all round excellent person. She is the perfect antidote to the January dieting / self hate yawn that is shoved in our face at this time of year and will make you put down the green smoothie, pick yourself up and learn how to WORK IT. She runs School of Strut which teaches women how bring some love to their chastised thighs, learn some amazing dance moves and have a right old LOL. Check her out here and listen HERE

Now to disco matters. I was kindly asked back to play the wondrous SouthBank Centre for their Vintage NYE party, which was just marvs. It was ace as ever and my dress was increds. I also managed to ruin it due to flailing limbs which are my signature dance move. WELL DONE ANNA. See before and after shots here:


(Mine hair etc)

Onto January larks:

W Does BrunchW Hotel – Every Sunday

Put your feet up, pop the slippers on and sink back into the sofas of the deluxe W Lounge as you are served up a Sunday sensation of food and drink with music from me! 12-4pm every Sunday, book in here 

Saturday Soiree – Soho House, Saturday 14th January

Shimmying my way up the stairs to the top of 76 Dean Street, shall be playing my decrepit vinyl and no doubt forgetting to take the covers off my needles as I am such a pro. 9pm – 1am

My Birthday – Monday 16th January

Same day as Kate Moss. Can guarantee hers will be 1000000000000x more fun than mine. I AM FINE WITH THAT.

G-A-Y – Friday 20th January

Start of my new monthly residency at London’s pop mecca. SQUEAL 11pm – 4am NON STOP BANGERS

Soho House – Thursday 26th January 

Thursday is the new Friday! Come and find out for yourselves at snazzy 76 Dean Street Soho House  10pm-1am

H&M Staff Awards Party – Friday 27th January

You can only come to this if you’re invited obvs, but you know, it’s my world ergo I shall spout about my carry on as I please.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Have a dreadful feeling there are other things I have forgotten. But this might be dreamt events masquerading as facts. This wouldn’t be the first or last time. Oh well. Shall update here / Twitter as and when I wake in the night in an anxious cold sweat about missed gigs etc








As am typing it is the first day of November and am not sure if the sun has come up at all today. This what I imagine it was like in medieval times, except this one day of gloom was pretty much standard for the whole era.

But I am not a serf and having to produce pig iron or whatever (my historical knowledge isn’t exactly accurate, or indeed knowledge) for a cruel lord. No, instead I prance about in daft get ups playing records and / or trying to be entertaining. They would have drowned me as a witch in ancient times. And some may still want to now.

Here is where I am at this month:


Playing, not being awarded / annointed


In store disco for this year’s mega ace clothing collaboration. LOOK AT THE AMAZING CLOTHES. JUST LOOK 


Back again!


My Sunday home where you dine like royalty and I soundtrack the laidback deluxe lounging


New quiz hosting duty south of the river


Playing the after parteeeeeeeeeeee


Favourite crew from favourite high st store, back after last year’s ridiculously ace carry on for another dose!


After launching with them last month, am back in town for another early doors disco


Doing a turn


There are some other dates TBC and that, but one doesn’t like to write them down in case they get jinxed and they cancel. So look at me twitter for latest outings in my musical adventuring

See you later, bye

Autumn Changes

Officially can play this now. I love how Donna rings the seasonal changes

Autumn is very much the avocado on toast season isn’t it? You know, hipster fave, instagrammed sunrises with mist and bountiful fruit markets and that. In reality it’s a heck of a lot of dark mornings, cold rain running down the back of your neck, massive coats and gloves and scarfs and STUFF and tights. URGH, tights. The worst. Holding out with the bare leg for as long as I can.

I prefer the summer – heat! Sunshine! Luridly coloured clothes! Sitting down wherever you fancy because the ground is dry! Sunshine! NOT RAIN! OH GOD I MISS IT.

It will return. But there are no guarantees in our climatically vile country.

At least we have disco. Thank God for that. Here’s what I’m doing this month / what’s booked in so far…

Wednesday 5th October – Speed Duetting, Lucky Voice, Islington

Hosting this love-match lolful singing fun

Friday 7th October – G-A-Y 

I return! Last time was AAAACEEES

Saturday 8th October – Jewel’s Catch One after party, BFI 

Playing alongside one of my FAVE people, DJ Neil Prince for this fantastic disco doc. ALL THE DANCING LADY EMOJIS

Thursday 13th October – Cinnabar Cafe, Stevenage, Launch Party

Saturday 15th October – Private birthday party, Sanctum Soho Hotel

Monday 17th October – Red Magazine Women of the Year Party, (!!!!!!) Skylon 

Saturday 22nd October – A party. Of details I don’t have as yet, but it will be AMAZING natch…

Tuesday 25th October – Quiz hosting! Camden Assembly

Friday 28th OctoberH&M, Oxford Circus 12-4pm

Every Sunday – W Does Brunch, W Hotel, Leicester Square. The best way to spend a Sunday. Promise. And I NEVER lie

Will add other stuff as and when, or just look at me twitter for hot off the press news from my fascinating world…



Saturday Night Soiree

Am doing a new disco at the splendid 76 Dean St Soho House. It’s on Saturday 16th April.

It’s called Saturday Night Soiree. Here’s some excitable words about it:

Push back the sofas, put on your favourite records and raid the drinks cabinet!

It’s 76’s Saturday Night Soiree!

A social shimmy in the heart of Soho at the top of the House. With Dj Anna Greenwood behind the decks, chi-chi cocktails behind the bar and a gang of merrymakers getting the party into a swing, it’s your new favourite night out. Come kick up your heels and join us for a vol-au-vont and a Babycham. Bottoms up and disco down!

What larks. Plus I play actual records. Vinyl ones that weigh a tonne and possibly are scratched and jump just like in the olden days. Still excellent fun though. An extra dimension to the disco. It’s starts at 9pm and stops at 1am. Then you can carry on in your own living rooms if you fancy. I think you should.