Autumn Changes

Officially can play this now. I love how Donna rings the seasonal changes

Autumn is very much the avocado on toast season isn’t it? You know, hipster fave, instagrammed sunrises with mist and bountiful fruit markets and that. In reality it’s a heck of a lot of dark mornings, cold rain running down the back of your neck, massive coats and gloves and scarfs and STUFF and tights. URGH, tights. The worst. Holding out with the bare leg for as long as I can.

I prefer the summer – heat! Sunshine! Luridly coloured clothes! Sitting down wherever you fancy because the ground is dry! Sunshine! NOT RAIN! OH GOD I MISS IT.

It will return. But there are no guarantees in our climatically vile country.

At least we have disco. Thank God for that. Here’s what I’m doing this month / what’s booked in so far…

Wednesday 5th October – Speed Duetting, Lucky Voice, Islington

Hosting this love-match lolful singing fun

Friday 7th October – G-A-Y 

I return! Last time was AAAACEEES

Saturday 8th October – Jewel’s Catch One after party, BFI 

Playing alongside one of my FAVE people, DJ Neil Prince for this fantastic disco doc. ALL THE DANCING LADY EMOJIS

Thursday 13th October – Cinnabar Cafe, Stevenage, Launch Party

Saturday 15th October – Private birthday party, Sanctum Soho Hotel

Monday 17th October – Red Magazine Women of the Year Party, (!!!!!!) Skylon 

Saturday 22nd October – A party. Of details I don’t have as yet, but it will be AMAZING natch…

Tuesday 25th October – Quiz hosting! Camden Assembly

Friday 28th OctoberH&M, Oxford Circus 12-4pm

Every Sunday – W Does Brunch, W Hotel, Leicester Square. The best way to spend a Sunday. Promise. And I NEVER lie

Will add other stuff as and when, or just look at me twitter for hot off the press news from my fascinating world…



Speed Duetting – I AM CILLA!

I am quite excited. Nothing new as am somewhat of an overexcitable soul but, I will be hosting Speed Duetting at Lucky Voice, Islington, Wednesday 15th June. It’s speed dating, with a karaoke flavour. This means I am essentially Cilla Black. This thrills me immensely.

Me. Hopefully.

Read about the party here and book your chance for singing romance here 

They are collaborating with Bumble, the dating app for this night of sweet singing love. You can find out more about Bumble here and indeed download said app, then get your larynx all warmed up to sing yourself into someones heart. It’s one million times more fun than your average speed dating and maybe you’ll meet your perfect partner to serenade yourself silly to.




Hostess with the Mostess

Mostess IS a word.

Alongside djing, I do a spot of hosting. Quizzes, (Rave) Karaoke and the odd cabaret show. Am doing 2 x turns of thus this week. First up, Karaoke!

This Thursday 12th May at the marvellous 76 Dean Street Soho House, will be hosting Pop Masters Karaoke from 9.30pm for all the show offs of Soho to belt out some bangers. God, I love alliteration. I know it’s quite naff but then, I AM quite naff…

Anyhoo, it’s packed full of pop favourites for nearly-the-weekend fun. It’s free! If you’re a member. So become one quick or find someone who is and come and have a sing.









Hosting part two is Friday 13th May for the fantastic Alternative Eurovision at the glorious London Wonderground. I LOVE DOING THIS SHOW. It’s my fourth year as compere and it is the MOST fun. Ten top cabaret stars adopt a country from the fine singing union and represent them in their very own original song and style, for Alt Euro GLORY. It’s daft, it’s silly, it definitely contains nudity AND swearing and is the perfect warm up for the real deal on Saturday night as well as being a pretty perfect Friday night out!



And here’s a lovely piece those people at This Is Cabaret wrote about it. They speak 100% TRUTHS


I went to Barcelona last Friday to play Razzmatazz. It was ACE. Always is. Was home before I knew it and djing up The Shard. That’s not a euphemism, one would never be so coarse. I was djing up at the very top of the Shard. It’s terrifyingly high and the toilets don’t have blinds and it’s like doing a wee in the Thames. If that doesn’t sell it to you, then nothing will.

It’s dead sunny and warm here, hope it is with you. BYE.

May day(s)

Me. Just hanging out.

Look it’s bloody well May. Yet one still has the need for gloves of a morning. Tights however are BANISHED.

In more musical terms, I’m doing some stuff this month. Different stuff, all of a musical ilk though. Let’s have a look shall we?


As the UK’s politicians have a big fight / flirt whilst cobbling together some sort of government, I’ll be whizzing to Barcelona, back to my favourite place Razzmatazz, for an early morning / late night / completely normal time set (depending on your view and whether you’re Spanish / Catalan) in the Pop Bar.

Best disco ever. I love it. They’re ace. It’s hot. In every sense. It’s also bonkers. In the best sense. Info / tickets here 


See you there if you’re invited / it’s your party. Soz if not


Third year hosting this amazement of cabaret wonder with some of London’s top performers representing a European / made up country, singing a song of their own from this adopted or otherwise heartland.  Warming up for the following weekend’s actual Eurovision, come join us in the spectacular speigeltent that is London Wonderground with this festival of song in crackers cabaret style. Info / tickets here


Shoreditch House‘s bargain basement quizzing fun, direct from my brain into yours via pictures, words, song and general silliness. Pop culture knowledge essential. Au fait with Daily Mail sidebar of shame? You could be our winner. Knowledge of actual historical facts, mathematics and classical literature? Not here. Not ever. Sorry. Top prizes on offer and poundshop treats galore. 7pm start for the members of said snazzy house.


Music + Bingo = FUN. Joining two wondrous worlds together, this London phenomenon is interactive weekend-warming up like no other. I’ll be hosting the party at Drink Shop & Do from 8pm. It’s great fun AND there’s a sweet shop upstairs. What more could you ever want? Tickets / info all here


Daytime discoing amongst the rails of this shopping mecca. In town? Come pop whilst you shop! 12-4pm sees me do my bit.


Djing as you drink, dine, dance or ALL from 8pm – 12am in this London hotel hang out. Always a favourite place to stay pre- Londfon livign days. My mum and dad like it too. They like the fact you get proper milk for your tea. These things matter! Anyway, make your weekend start sooner with a cocktail and a summer set!


Where you’ll find me come sun, rain, snow, hail, wind, humidity that knackers your hair do (you get the point) from 12 – 4pm I reside in the glorious W Lounge for W Does Brunch. Sit back, sprawl out and stuff yourselves on a foodie feast, as the staff attend to your every need whilst I soundtrack all this delight, twirling around in the booth and nicking the pick n mix. Book in / info – all here. It’s top. You should try it. Luxe lounging lovliness.

Ok, that’s it I think. Hope to see you at one, some or ALL