2017 and that


Have been terribly tardy of late with the updates, sorry to anyone who is actually arsed.

Anyhoo, had a v busy December what with Christmas parties in their full swing and squeezed in a trip to Barcelona at the start of the month, as well as er, Bournemouth, but both were work not pleasure. Although, really, my work IS pleasure, especially when it’s by the seaside. Then it was actual Christmas so didn’t do nuffink work wise until NYE. But I don’t have to explain myself. You’re not the boss of me.

Before I quack on, must alert your ears and eyes to this LATEST PODCAST . This time on Anna Greenwood Likes to Talk, I talk to Zoe McNulty, a fierce fitness force, body confidence expert and all round excellent person. She is the perfect antidote to the January dieting / self hate yawn that is shoved in our face at this time of year and will make you put down the green smoothie, pick yourself up and learn how to WORK IT. She runs School of Strut which teaches women how bring some love to their chastised thighs, learn some amazing dance moves and have a right old LOL. Check her out here and listen HERE

Now to disco matters. I was kindly asked back to play the wondrous SouthBank Centre for their Vintage NYE party, which was just marvs. It was ace as ever and my dress was increds. I also managed to ruin it due to flailing limbs which are my signature dance move. WELL DONE ANNA. See before and after shots here:


(Mine hair etc)

Onto January larks:

W Does BrunchW Hotel – Every Sunday

Put your feet up, pop the slippers on and sink back into the sofas of the deluxe W Lounge as you are served up a Sunday sensation of food and drink with music from me! 12-4pm every Sunday, book in here 

Saturday Soiree – Soho House, Saturday 14th January

Shimmying my way up the stairs to the top of 76 Dean Street, shall be playing my decrepit vinyl and no doubt forgetting to take the covers off my needles as I am such a pro. 9pm – 1am

My Birthday – Monday 16th January

Same day as Kate Moss. Can guarantee hers will be 1000000000000x more fun than mine. I AM FINE WITH THAT.

G-A-Y – Friday 20th January

Start of my new monthly residency at London’s pop mecca. SQUEAL 11pm – 4am NON STOP BANGERS

Soho House – Thursday 26th January 

Thursday is the new Friday! Come and find out for yourselves at snazzy 76 Dean Street Soho House  10pm-1am

H&M Staff Awards Party – Friday 27th January

You can only come to this if you’re invited obvs, but you know, it’s my world ergo I shall spout about my carry on as I please.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Have a dreadful feeling there are other things I have forgotten. But this might be dreamt events masquerading as facts. This wouldn’t be the first or last time. Oh well. Shall update here / Twitter as and when I wake in the night in an anxious cold sweat about missed gigs etc







Anna Greenwood Likes to Talk – second Podcast

I started a podcast the other month. Have done another. This time my guest who I like to talk to is the perma-effervescent John Sizzle.

Le Sizzle, in casual mode

John is a dj, performer, venue owner and all round trannie superstar. He is most importantly, massively ace. We have a chat about all manner of things, but mainly pop music and its offshoots – costumes, pop stars, escapism – as well as John’s recent trip to LA to promote the Dressed as a Girl film, how Shirley Bassey inspired him and going for a wee whilst djing and wearing three pairs of tights. ESSENTIAL LISTENING NO DOUBT YOU’LL AGREE.

Click here for your ears 

Hosted by the excellent ON SOAP podcast platform

Look who’s talking

ME. I am talking.

Started a podcast. It’s called Anna Greenwood Likes to Talk… Because I do.

Each episode will be talking to a different guest, the first one being Jess Indeedy from Indeedy Musical Bingo. So, its official title is Anna Greenwood Likes to Talk… to Jess Indeedy. Because I also do.

It’s hosted on the excellent Podcast LDN platform. You can listen now. Or later. OR NOT IF YOU’RE DEAD MEAN.



God Save the 90s

London Fields Radio have put together a series of special music podcasts for the Queen’s Jubilee, where presenters of each show focus on a decade from 1900s to now – or to be more specific, 1902 – 2012 – and play records of their show’s decade.

I did the 90s show, which was ace because I love the 90s. Not in a wacky ironic way like Kate Thornton on a tv show or a student night; I love it as it was the decade I went from child to teen, therefore we have that bond that cannot be broken. It soundtracked my ascent to adulthood via terrible haircuts, teen crushes, exams, smoking, being terrible at drinking and a good deal of shouting.

If you’d like to listen to it, it’s here. I named it Bumbags, Boybands and Britpop. All of these things I was into during that time.

Yes, I was very cool.

London Fields Jubliee Podcasts