Weekend Work Workout!

Getting in training for the weekend of work WOW


Have neglected to update the internet / WORLD on recent happenings because I have been somewhat distracted and / or forgetful. Not that anyone noticed tbh. Have been doing lots of gigs up and down and around this septic isle and drove a car for the first time oin six and a half years. I drove it for 500 miles in 36 hours. I don’t do things by halves. Also, I didn’t drive that far in that time frame for the heck of it, it was a work practicality thing. It still takes me six hours to get anywhere though. No idea how or why, especially in this modern age and google maps and that.

ANYWAY, gorra bit of a BANGER of a weekend coming up starting this Thursday 26th of August where am heading to my place of birth, Leeds, for Leeds Festival where Rave Karaoke will be kicking of the weekends festivities from 8.45pm on the Alternative Stage. Am on before DJ Yoda AND Grandmaster Flash. BLOODY HELL.

Friday 27th am back in London and indeed in store at the high st mega mecca H&M Oxford Circus for an afternoon shop disco 4-8pm.

Saturday 28th it’s the Big Wedding Weekend at Southbank! SCREAM! I LOVE THIS SO VERY VERY MUCH. It’s the third year and indeed my third time to be the reception DJ for about 30 couples, their families, friends and wedding crashers (it’s a free party – come and join in!) for a big party of L.O.V.E. I am super excited for it. I love love and this is super love.

Sunday sees me as always at the glorious (it really is) W Hotel for W Does Brunch as I soundtrack the deluxe dining delight as you settle back on sofas and let the super ace W staff attend to your every need. Well within reason. They won’t bring you diamonds no mater how much you need them. But they will bring you bottomless Bloody Mary’s, a three course feast and fizzy alco-LOL. 12-4pm every Sunday, book it in here.

Will tell you about September and all that business in another post because right now I need to pack 400 glow sticks.



Packing up the glowsticks and whistles and heading for the next raving spot for Rave Karaoke.

This time it’s at London’s premier disco pub – The Old Queen’s Head on Essex Road in Islington on Thursday July 2nd.

I often cover the quiz here of a Tuesday and it is never less than ACE as it has such a top crowd. They are committed hedonists with karaoke already on site and a penchant for a MASSIVE PARTY. Pretty much the ideal place.

Here it is on their website look 

You can buy tickets here or indeed here

You can follow Rave Karaoke on Twitter here. And while you’re at it, you may as well follow me too. I’m here, HIYA.

Also the ever brill Time Out has featured it as one of London’s top Karaoke nights! Look here. Hooray for rave.




RAVE KARAOKE – Back Once Again (For the Renegade Master)


Back for 2015, it’s RAVE KARAOKE 

Bounding into 2015 at the Bugged Out Weekender on Saturday 17th January!

Rave Karaoke? What in the hell is that?

Me in a white boiler suit and Altern-8 mask and you with a microphone singing classic rave pumpers decked out with whistles and glow sticks.

Saturday silliness at Bugged Out in Bognor. WHAT could be more fun?

Come rave with me – Saturday 17th, Rosso Lounge 4-6pm