Website updating


Am currently in the process of updating the website as it looks older than my FACE.

So please bear with me whilst it gets fillers, botox and a hot new plaything.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of me on NYE about to perform at Royal Festival Hall for the NYE Spectacular.

LOOK AT MY DRESS. Am still dead with love from it

Ok, be back soon ta ra




Oh my, I have neglected to update the website of late. By that I mean almost six months. OOPS. By way of apols, please accept that picture of me above in my NYE get up from a couple of weeks ago. There, that makes up for it doesn’t it? And yes, it IS made of baubles.

I have been busy, not so busy I couldn’t type a few words onto the internet about me me me,  but the end of the year is always a bit crackers and not just because of Christmas.

Anyway, rather than sporadically posting with a whack of dates and goings on and then leaving hulking big gaps which makes it looks like I have fallen off the earth, as this upside down dj world is never the same each day the best place to find out about ME and what the heck I am doing in a professional sense (as well as bonus top telly chat) it’s best to follow me on Twitter, have a peep at Instagram and generally ignore Facebook (as I do). This isn’t a philosophy for all btw. But Facebook is a draaaaag

Hope you have an excellent 2018 and that we meet on a dancefloor soon



2017 and that


Have been terribly tardy of late with the updates, sorry to anyone who is actually arsed.

Anyhoo, had a v busy December what with Christmas parties in their full swing and squeezed in a trip to Barcelona at the start of the month, as well as er, Bournemouth, but both were work not pleasure. Although, really, my work IS pleasure, especially when it’s by the seaside. Then it was actual Christmas so didn’t do nuffink work wise until NYE. But I don’t have to explain myself. You’re not the boss of me.

Before I quack on, must alert your ears and eyes to this LATEST PODCAST . This time on Anna Greenwood Likes to Talk, I talk to Zoe McNulty, a fierce fitness force, body confidence expert and all round excellent person. She is the perfect antidote to the January dieting / self hate yawn that is shoved in our face at this time of year and will make you put down the green smoothie, pick yourself up and learn how to WORK IT. She runs School of Strut which teaches women how bring some love to their chastised thighs, learn some amazing dance moves and have a right old LOL. Check her out here and listen HERE

Now to disco matters. I was kindly asked back to play the wondrous SouthBank Centre for their Vintage NYE party, which was just marvs. It was ace as ever and my dress was increds. I also managed to ruin it due to flailing limbs which are my signature dance move. WELL DONE ANNA. See before and after shots here:


(Mine hair etc)

Onto January larks:

W Does BrunchW Hotel – Every Sunday

Put your feet up, pop the slippers on and sink back into the sofas of the deluxe W Lounge as you are served up a Sunday sensation of food and drink with music from me! 12-4pm every Sunday, book in here 

Saturday Soiree – Soho House, Saturday 14th January

Shimmying my way up the stairs to the top of 76 Dean Street, shall be playing my decrepit vinyl and no doubt forgetting to take the covers off my needles as I am such a pro. 9pm – 1am

My Birthday – Monday 16th January

Same day as Kate Moss. Can guarantee hers will be 1000000000000x more fun than mine. I AM FINE WITH THAT.

G-A-Y – Friday 20th January

Start of my new monthly residency at London’s pop mecca. SQUEAL 11pm – 4am NON STOP BANGERS

Soho House – Thursday 26th January 

Thursday is the new Friday! Come and find out for yourselves at snazzy 76 Dean Street Soho House  10pm-1am

H&M Staff Awards Party – Friday 27th January

You can only come to this if you’re invited obvs, but you know, it’s my world ergo I shall spout about my carry on as I please.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Have a dreadful feeling there are other things I have forgotten. But this might be dreamt events masquerading as facts. This wouldn’t be the first or last time. Oh well. Shall update here / Twitter as and when I wake in the night in an anxious cold sweat about missed gigs etc







Weekend Work Workout!

Getting in training for the weekend of work WOW


Have neglected to update the internet / WORLD on recent happenings because I have been somewhat distracted and / or forgetful. Not that anyone noticed tbh. Have been doing lots of gigs up and down and around this septic isle and drove a car for the first time oin six and a half years. I drove it for 500 miles in 36 hours. I don’t do things by halves. Also, I didn’t drive that far in that time frame for the heck of it, it was a work practicality thing. It still takes me six hours to get anywhere though. No idea how or why, especially in this modern age and google maps and that.

ANYWAY, gorra bit of a BANGER of a weekend coming up starting this Thursday 26th of August where am heading to my place of birth, Leeds, for Leeds Festival where Rave Karaoke will be kicking of the weekends festivities from 8.45pm on the Alternative Stage. Am on before DJ Yoda AND Grandmaster Flash. BLOODY HELL.

Friday 27th am back in London and indeed in store at the high st mega mecca H&M Oxford Circus for an afternoon shop disco 4-8pm.

Saturday 28th it’s the Big Wedding Weekend at Southbank! SCREAM! I LOVE THIS SO VERY VERY MUCH. It’s the third year and indeed my third time to be the reception DJ for about 30 couples, their families, friends and wedding crashers (it’s a free party – come and join in!) for a big party of L.O.V.E. I am super excited for it. I love love and this is super love.

Sunday sees me as always at the glorious (it really is) W Hotel for W Does Brunch as I soundtrack the deluxe dining delight as you settle back on sofas and let the super ace W staff attend to your every need. Well within reason. They won’t bring you diamonds no mater how much you need them. But they will bring you bottomless Bloody Mary’s, a three course feast and fizzy alco-LOL. 12-4pm every Sunday, book it in here.

Will tell you about September and all that business in another post because right now I need to pack 400 glow sticks.


2016 – Starting with a BANG

Happy New Year! How long can you say this for? Sean Rowley and I tried to keep it going until April one year. Will see if he has improved on this.

Anyway, hiya, how was your Christmas? Did you get everything you asked for? I did. Because I sent a specific list and won’t accept anything else. Yeah, it’s like that. Deal.

It took me until New Year’s Eve to get into holiday mode, before that I was still in disco setting. Then I had to go to the disco as it was NYE and had a load of people on the Thames to play to and couldn’t lie on the sofa eating discounted seasonal confectionary. It’s a hard life etc. I mentioned up there in title of this post that the year started with a BANG, that’s because I was dressed like a Supernova for the Southbank Centre’s Vintage NYE Party. Look, here I am backstage:

KERPOW! So colourful! So exciting! So glam! So, er DRY! Four hours disco dancing djing under hot lights to excitable souls results in this though:

Oh heck. Worra soggy, saggy Supernova.

Was planning on skiiving through much of the early weeks of January, but found that I can’t. Well I CAN but I just won’t have any money or any work and so on. I like both those things and as I have seem to have bought half the shops during the sales, need to claw some coin back. Real talk.

Did it in a FUN way yesterday at H&M pop up on Brick Lane. It’s a Sportswear ONLY store for all the workout clobber they’ve just brought out fresh for the January resolutioners. Did a marathon DJ set 12-7pm and as it was all about the sports, got to wear an outfit fromt he collection and TRAINERS. Djing in trainers in the DREAM when usually trussed up in stillies and costumes and a face full of the MAC counter. I love this of course, but man, can see why other djs opt for the comfy get up.

Collection is ace. Looks good and wears well for people who like throwing themselves about a bit with heavy things and so on. Yes yes, I know this looks biased as am a H&M dj, but as a regular human who a) does a mental amount of exercise b) needs clothes to wear when doing this c) preferably nice ones and d) ones that are well made and comfortable – they’re getting high marks from me. I bought the rest of the collection. So can you. Here

The rest of the month am trying to get rid of endless STUFF in my flat that the age of consumerism makes us buy, going to lots of meetings with new clients to talk discos, feeling smug about not having to sit and cry over a pile of receipts as have already done my tax return (yes, I hate me too), trying to keep the annual resolution of seeing more films (so far seen one – Star Wars and LOVED IT) trying to take a day off each week and doing this:


12-4pm, I play records. You eat amazing food. BOOK / INFO 

FRIDAY 15TH JANUARY – Private Party 


Back where it all began – Bognor Butlins with the ace Bugged Out crew! Best way to wake up a mis January and it’s my birthday – come and have a ravey sing! BOOK / INFO 


Will add to this as and when blah blah blah…



Well it is in the party world. PARTY WORLD. Imagine if that were a real place. A 24/7 PARDEE. Like being in Made in Chelsea maybe.

But yes, Christmas parties are all a go-go and indeed it has been Christmas on the fourth floor of Liberty since August. I’m going to lots of these parties, but more as the turn than the guest. But no doubt they will all be glo-ooo-oooo-oooo-oooo-ooo-rious.

Here’s what I am doing on the last days of 2015:


Popping up in the er, Pop Bar at crackers o’clock in the morning. It’ll be a ding dong of a disco as it always is in Catalunya’s capital’s number one club. Info! Tickets! Y mucho mas – aqui! 


Christmas cabaret show with me whirling about in between and after some rather amazing acts who can do things with their bodies and voices most humans can’t. They’re kind of like superheroes in a way. Except their powers don’t extend to actual flight and / or shooting lazers out of their eyes. But maybe one day… anyway, you get an amazing dinner and show in a beautiful room – tickets and info here


Step into the W Lounge, pop your slippers on and get set for a super deluxe Sunday where a three course brunch will be served to you by the wonderful W staff. I’ll be playing music throughout and all you have to do is sprawl around on sofas and generally slob out. In an elegantly refined way of COURSE. 12- 4pm every Sunday, book yourself in here and make the most of your weekend




(Soz again)


Soundtracking the festive get-up getting from 12-4pm



See 5th December for info – or just go here


Here are Slade, the captains of Christmas to add some visual marvel to this list of words and words and words


One-off seasonal special at the original Soho House in the last working week before Christmas. Unless you’re a nurse. Hosted by ME, there will be a selection of classic Christmas songs to sing, as well as prizes for best performance, most festive attire and most impressive embodiment of the season. Or something. To be honest I will be randomly awarding the prizes to whomever I think deserves one. A bit like Santa, but without the beard, reindeers and belly. So nothing like Santa. It’s for members only so hurry up and be one or get mates with one and come along – 7pm start.


It’s at One Embankment fyi.


Aaand, this one’s at Bloomsbury Ballroom.


Festive fever in central London, 12-4pm


Bringing the rave up north and to my home town for this triple decker disco. Info and the like all over here – advance tickets are a bargain £5! STICK ONE IN YOUR STOCKING 


Last brunch before Christmas!


Only three days until Christmas – COME PANIC BUY AND HAVE A DANCE 12-4pm




Final hurrah of 2015 sees me take to the fantastic Southbank stage for a massive party in every room of this tremendous building. Not that I will be in EVERY room. As much as I would like to be, it’s not all about me. SIGH. Anyway, come say SEE YA to 2015 and HIYA to 2016 – tickets info and stuff here

And that’s IT. 2015 OVAH. Heck, that’s gone terribly fast hasn’t it? Ah well, best get on with new stuff for the New Year then. And maybe find some time to buy some presents before 25th…





It’s been a busy old time. But then I always say that. But I only speak the truth, so there we go.

So far in August have been to the Cotswolds to play at The Royal Oak’s Oakfest after Chas and Dave (I KNOW!); did the H&M Pop Up on Brick Lane again, plus the launch party with actual popstar Foxes; and of course lovely H&M Oxford Circus a couple of times.

Been to Brighton to check out Lucky Voice for Brighton Rave Karaoke. It rained, but in my heart it RAVED. Went on holiday for TWO WHOLE DAYS in Southwold with my ace family who were there for a week. Didn’t have fish and chips or ice cream! What a seaside LOSER. Then they came to London and we did loads of stuff that mainly involved food and beer as that is what my family excel at. Everyone should always play to their strengths.

Booze: Good friend of the Greenwoods

Presented Indeedy Musical Bingo again, which is always the LOLS, but was exceptionally so with a boisterously fun Wednesday crowd. Been djing at W Does Brunch every Sunday at the glorious W London and making plans with them for future brunching delights. And making plans with Lucky Voice in Islington for our forthcoming collaboration in September. More on that to follow!

Here’s what I’m up to over the next couple of weeks or so


Ah Razz. My beautiful home from home. Will be playing up in the Pop Bar (of COURSE) for Pop Will Save the Dayat bonkers o’clock in the morning. It’s the best. Always the best. Never not the best. I LOVE IT AND I LOVE THEM AND I LOVE BARCELONA FORVER AND EVER AMEN.


Rave Karaoke is kicking off the Alternative Stage to get the festival off on a ragga tip and RAVING for the weekend of music mayhem. This should be ace. It’s a massive tent. Raving. GULP. I was born in Leeds, thus I have extra excitement for this!


The finale of the Southbank Centre’s beautiful Festival of Love concludes in the best way: with a gigantic mass wedding and party at the Big Wedding Weekend! I was lucky enough to be part of it last year and double lucky to be part of it again this year as the couples’ (yes, it’s plural) reception dj. Multiple couples get married on the same day and with their friends and family and wedding crashers, celebrate their unions in a colossal disco and celebration. You can see what last year’s was like by clicking here if you want. I wore a frock like a ball of meringue that lit up. This year I have another wedding themed creation lined up to get all unglamorously hot and sweaty in on this magnificent weekend of romantic raving.


Brunch! But brunch with oh so much more, at London’s dazzling W Hotel. A laid back disco and dining delight! Food to instagram. Slippers and sofas to stretch out on and me in a daft get up to soothe you of a Sunday.

Will be back with news (sure, sure) about September and beyond!

I love you. Bye.


Busy bizzee BiZi

Check the cool street spellings.

So, it’s been a bit hectic and I haven’t updated the site, but I do quack about my goings on on twitter so you can see what in the hell I do by following me here. If you want. If you don’t then that’s equally fine. why you’re on this site though I don’t know Unless your my mum and don’t have twitter. In that case HI MUM.

Anyhoo, went to Glastonbury for the marathon gigs, they were amazing. It is amazing. I loved it and was the best of times all the time I was there. Played all manner of music and had a Glastonbury “moment” every day with a coming together of hilariously fun people in a collected love of some song or other, congas, anti-rain dances, dance OFFS, tops off, uncontrollable disco dancing and just A HECK OF A TIME. I was fuelled by coffee and chocolate and – no doubt – the druids vibes that were in abundance at the hallowed site. It truly is magical. I think I’ve been infected with hippy love. There are worse things to be infected with though tbh. Since returning everything has been ace, so the druids are clearly still at work. unless I stood too close to them funny cigarettes people had on the go. Whichevs, it was ACE. I hope I get to go back and do it all again some day. SIGH

Mid-set Glastonbury dj selfie with “concentrating face” in full effect

As soon as I got back it was all systems GO for the first Rave Karaoke at The Old Queen’s Head and it was a STORMER of a debut! We raved and sang and whooped it up in super style for a Thursday and will be back on Thursday August 8th for more of the same. You can get a ticket here

Since then I’ve been playing a few birthday parties, H&M, the marvellous W Hotel, South Place Hotel, hosted a dj battle (!!) & Indeedy Musical Bingo and recorded a show for Heat Radio. The latter has been super exciting. Radio is one of my dear loves and as Heat loves pop, celebs, gossip, silliness and general FUN it’s pretty much my ideal radio home. (To balance all this love of the sugary side of life I read the articles with all the big words at the back of the paper. Life is light and shade after all). Will let you know when I’m on air. SCREAM!

So the summer sees me off to Kendal Calling for Rave Karaoke, Leeds Festival for the very same, Southbank Centre for the Big Wedding Weekend bonanza, a gig with Chas and Dave (YES!) and loads more STUFF.

Will try to keep you up to date. But you know how unable I am to stick to that.

Anyway, here’s some things and dates for you. Hope to see you at some. Tra!

SATURDAY 18TH JULY – I’m doing a wedding! In Dalston! You can only go if you are invited though. Or the Bride or Groom. You should know this.

EVERY SUNDAYW Does BrunchW Hotel – The best brunch in swinging London town. We have a feast for body, brains, ears, mouths, eyes and legs as they get to sprawl on sofas in slippers and be served up a right treat. I soundtrack it all between 12-4pm

MONDAY 20TH JULY – Tell it Like it Quiz – The Electric – Taking my lolz-packed, trash can culture quiz over West for some brain-testing (well, kind of…) Monday night fun.

THURSDAY 23RD JULY – Heddon St Kitchen – Gordon Ramsay owns this place. Am djing at a party there. Don’t think el Gordo will be there. But you may be?

FRIDAY 24TH JULY – H&M pop up – Brick Lane – Not sure WHERE this is exactly, but I will do and will be there betwixt 3 – 7pm.

FRIDAY 31ST JULYRAVE KARAOKE AT KENDAL CALLING – SCREAM! This is going to be ACE. Kicking off their Acid House party on the Friday of it’s 10th year, Rave Karaoke will have you reaching for the lasers and singing your heart out as we pump up the jam. It’s sold out! Me and Snoop! SCREAM AGAIN!


Been a bit busy

There have been a whirlwind of gigs to see out 2014. Started in November. Am quite tired now. Christmas parties, birthday parties, Razzmatazzing in Barcelona, W Brunching, not a lot of sleep, a lot of dancefloor action and buckets of fake tan. All very good fun despite the disco fatigue.

Four more gigs then it stops on Sunday for a week. And I get some presents and a massive dinner. That’ll be good.

W Does Brunch continues over Christmas, I’m there every Sunday 12-4pm.

Seeing out 2014 at the Southbank Centre for the Vintage New Year’s Eve playing pop bangers that’ll make you whoop and holler and lose your shoes. Come if you can.

I will update this website more in 2015. I will. Promise.



Wedding Weekend Wonder

The glorious Southbank Centre have been running a Festival of Love throughout the Summer months. This saw all manner of events, talks and goings on around the theme of L.O.V.E. It culminated (climaxed? (sorry) with the Big Wedding Weekend on the final weekend of August. I mentioned this previously, as I really have nothing else to talk about, and it saw 70 couples getting hitched en masse in the Royal Festival stage before having food, photos, drinks and a massive reception in the Clore Ballroom with the London Big Gay Band and me as the DJ. Yes!

Suffice to say it was possibly the greatest gig I’ve ever been asked to do and done as I LOVE a wedding and it being a wedding x 70 the excitement was close to fainting levels. Couples from all manner of backgrounds, ages, sexes and creeds were celebrating themselves and love in an unique and magical event. Apologise if I sound somewhat gushing, but it really was. I feel somewhat privileged / honoured / lucky / giddy to have been part of it and part of so many peoples’ big day.

Clore Ballroom photo by Belinda Lawley

What with it being a somewhat DOCK OFF party, it seemed only fitting that one had a frock to match. Seeing as this was probably the closest I was going to get to wearing a wedding dress EVER (not begging for sympathy, I am more than aware that no one wants to take this on ’til death do us part) I thought I may as well go for it. The clever minded and fingered Ana Kostina helped bring the dream to life, with a massive white ruffle / ball of meringue which LIT UP! SCREAM! It’s possibly the greatest thing I will ever own. I still can’t put it in the wardrobe as it’s so ace. It deserves more than to be banished into the darkness. Although whether more is hanging up on a doorframe, I’m not sure. But at least I can see it and swoon.

Look at me GLOW
Frock in full (and sweaty) flow

The parties were incredible. When the couples took to the floor for the mass first dance it was both hilarious and moving. Especially as you saw how they were all in their own world cheered by their friends and family, yet still part of one big massive occasion together. It was quite magical. Then they just went crackers as you should do on your wedding day and all the different wedding parties  were dancing with each other, pouring champagne down each others’ necks and having the biggest conga I think I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Also, as it was open tot he public, there were plenty of wedding crashers who kind of were but weren’t and just added to the whole vibe. It was ridiculously ace. On both nights. In an increasingly scary world it’s nice to have these pockets of love and celebration. Oh dear, I’m getting a bit gushing again. Can’t help it! It was a wonderful thing.

Bride stage invasion! photo by Belinda Lawley

To top off what was an already astounding weekend, the Southbank asked me to stay in A Room For London, the boat-shaped hotel room on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall for the night as their “Artist in Residence”. I KNOW. I nearly fell off my chair when they asked me. You can read more about it here. It’s your own private place in the middle of the city, on the banks of the Thames, Big Ben to the left and St Pauls to the right. Incredible views of the city, so much so that I slept with the blinds open and I kept waking up and swooning then going back to sleep again. Still can’t believe I stayed there. You can enter a ballot to be elected to stay there or prance around in a lit up frock playing records at a meta wedding disco and they invite you instead. You may need to do the former seeing how I’ve already done the latter soz.

Back end of boat. Not sure of the nautical term

View from the bow bedroom. SWOON
Good morning London!

It was quite simply a wonderful weekend. So much happiness, love and fun was totally infectious and somewhat marvellous. Love really does save the day. SIGH.


See more of Belinda Lawley’s shots of the party and the festival here

Rooms With a View

I’ve been djing and hosting in some ace places the past few weeks. Shall we have a look at them? Ok!


Ok, I know I’ve been here many, many times, but it is still one of my favourite places in the Universe. It’s such brilliant fun, everyone is so ace and it’s a guaranteed BANGER of a night out in this five-roomed disco mecca. It also happens to be in Barcelona, which as we know, isn’t too shabby a location. I was there at the end of July, sadly only for the night, but still was a belter of a night up in the pop bar, packed with revellers dancing until dawn. Can’t WAIT to go back.


Cannon Bridge Roof Gardens feat. Pete Fowler mid-daub

Ashamedly, I didn’t even know this place existed before I went there. It’s a glorious garden on top of an office block in the city with the most spectacular views of London and the river. Was there on a BAKING hot summer’s evening for an amazing Miss Cakehead curated event for Go Ahead, them biscuits for people who are dieting but still want biscuits. It’s a service to be honest.

Miss Cakehead – whom I have mentioned before – is an event curator, pr specialist and all round ace face. For this rooftop rave, fruit was the inspiration so alongside the drinks, food and summertime sounds from the Mariachi band, there was melon bowling (yes, melons as the bowling balls), grape crushing a la the French (socks off if you please!), banana pinantas, the excellent Pete Fowler painting a fruity scene, oh and me! Djing dressed as a pineapple. LOOK AT MY DJ BOOTH! I very nearly died with love when I saw it.

Oh and it wouldn’t have been right had there not been cake. There was cake. Lots. Check these fellas out. They are cakes. Incredible.


Cake proof!


It was such ridiculous fun and ended with a masive disco dance on the lawns as the sun went down. So. Much. FUN.



Cor. I was asked to compere Salon Des Artistes for Black Cat Cabaret here and what a room this is! So much gold! Such opulence! Such amazing history! Such temptation to get trollied on gin and lounge around in jewels on a chaise longue looking wistful smoking dead thin fags!  I didn’t manage the latter, seeing as one has to keep some sort of professional air.

Black Cat Cabaret and Salon Des Artistes host the cream of London’s cabaret stars weekly and is a properly entertaining night out with top notch acts who can do things that us mere mortals can’t. So let them do it and be dazzled by them instead. Was a joy to host and to watch such talented types work their magic.


Ok, a boat on the Thames, but the Thames all the same. This was for the Hilton Park Lane’s annual saunter down the river and I soundtracked the soiree whilst trying not to fall over. It’s quite testing of one’s balance dancing on a moving vessel, none more so in stillies. Unfortunately the weather was a bit miz, but still managed to get some shots of night time London from the river’s eye.

Slight OCD light issues, but otherwise pretty


Yeah, that massive piece of glass sitting next to London Bridge piercing the sky. I played right at the top of it. Ok, not the very top, but near enough – 69th floor. GULP. It’s high enough for me to be honest, heights are not my best mate, but was incredible to be up there playing records in the sky. I took some pictures (holding on to pillars and not being able to venture too close to the floor-to-ceiling windows for fear of vertigo attack and launching myself OUT of them) and also tried out there toilets which also boast the massive windows and NO BLINDS. You basically wee on London in full view. A pervert in an office block could see you go about your business if they so desired. My dad pointed out that it’s probably one-way glass. HOW WILL WE EVER KNOW? London Bridge from up high

Toilet to the world

LONDON WONDERGROUND Oh and have been hosting The WOW Show at London Wonderground every other Wednesday since early July. It’s so much fun and such a glorious space. Last one is on September 3rd. I will miss it 🙁


And of course, W Does Brunch is still serving up a weekly tasty treat of food, drinks, music, telly, slippers, sofas and lounging around reading papers and generally maxing out Sunday. It’s somewhat of a sparkly space too. Better than your average Hotel bar, but then W isn’t your average! Spangly Sundays to make you smile.


Finally, this weekend sees The Big Wedding Weekend at the Southbank Centre where loads of couples will be wedded on mass then have a MASSIVE party in the glorious Clore Ballroom and I’m the dj! SCREAM.

I mentioned this a while ago and I have a frock made especially for it. It’s the closest I’ll get to being the bride EVER so am not exactly going to be shy with my attire… Pictures to follow.

Saturday’s chapel of love…