The Final Wow

Last WOW Show tomorrow at London Wonderground. SIGH. Have really enjoyed doing this. I don’t want it to go yet. There’s still so much we can do together. We’ve only just got to know each other and now we are to be parted. Such cruelty.

One shall be fighting back the emotions and trying not to fall over as I introduce and chat to this lovely lot from 9.30pm on Wednesday 3rd September:


Yes, he’s been on before, but he was so entertaining he’s coming back. A juggler. A dapper juggler at that. As well as good at lobbing stuff about quit elegantly, he’s also very witty and gives good chat. Last time he told us about juggling a cat. Let’s see if he can top that tomorrow. Read more about Florian here


Not his actual name. Well, Javier is, but the rest of it is a description for what he does. He’s very nimble with a deck of cards. Years spent alone in a bedroom apparently. It’s ninja-like in how quick he is and also how cool it looks. Because ninjas are cool. Even the teenage mutant turtle ones. If you can’t wait to feast your eyes upon him tomorrow, then have a look at him here.


Paul Thorne is a comedian for those of you who don’t know. For those of you who don’t know what a comedian is, it’s a person who tells jokes and amusing stories to make you laugh. And this is a proper job. As long as you’re good at it of course. Luckily Paul is otherwise he wouldn’t be with us. You can catch him at the Comedy Store weekly as well as around the country in various venues. FInd out more about Paul here


The line up is completed by our in-house band of breaking brothers who are set to get you jiggy in your seat with their dazzling display of dancing that’ll make you want to jump up and join them. Luckily we usually let one lucky audience member come up and see if they can pick up the basics to be a b-boy or girl. We don’t expect you to spin on your head though. We don’t want you to brain yourselves. See more of them here

And that’s it! See you tomorrow at the beautiful speigeltent for the final hurrah! Or WOW as I should say.


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