This week

I’m doing this:

The Hitman and Her – Dalston Superstore – Thursday 8th – 9.30pm-3am

With Neil Prince as Hitman and me as her we unite in our pop love for a Thursday night disco frolic in Superstore.


Friday Night Disco – The Social – Friday 9th – 7pm-1am

Putting a wallop your weekend with an arsenal of dance floor bombs, pumpers and bangers. It’s how all Friday nights should start.


Wedding – Hampshire – Saturday 10th 

Obviously this is a private event so you can’t come. Unless you are invited of course. Did a wedding the Saturday just gone so am getting my fair share of celebration cakes currently. That cake was an Austrian Orange and Almond one. A good flavour combo. Well done everyone.


W Does Brunch – W Hotel – Sunday 11th (and every Sunday) – £25

Rounding off the weekend, come collapse on luxurious sofas, step into slippers and stuff yourself stupid whilst I soundtrack your indulgent Sunday. It’s the best way to end your week.

But before all that fun happens, I am moving. This isn’t fun.

Endless boxes.

Heavy stuff.


Some crying.

More boxes.



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