This week’s WOW

This isn’t about some discount offer or fitness tip. No, it’s about the WOW show, a little variety / chat show I’ve been hosting down at London Wonderground. This Wednesday 20th is our fourth show, why not join us and witness talented types do clever stuff with their bodies and brains? Tickets right here


That’s a good name isn’t it? I am hoping it’s her real name, will be sorely disappointed if she’s called Karen Smith in real life. Not that there’s anything wrong with being called Karen Smith, but it’s a little less pizazzy than Aurora Galore. I’m called Anna Greenwood, so really I have no grounds to talk about names. But this isn’t about me, it’s about Aurora and her burlesque, fire breathing, tattoo’d amazingness. Get a taste of her here¬†


Joe Lycett is a comedian. That means he tells jokes for coin. Not a bad life. As long as you’re good at it, otherwise if you’re not very funny then you won’t be able to afford food and clothes. Or you just get another job so you can afford said things. Joe doesn’t need another job because he has one and it keeps him fed and non-naked. You may have seen him on the telly. He’s also Attitude’s 57th hottest man, a position he won on total merit of sexiness, not at all to do with cajoling fans on Twitter and Facebook to vote. Not at all. More of Joe here


Emma-Louise is a hula hooping, all dancing super skills performer. She’ll be wowing yus with her hooping about her body on Wednesday. Look at how bendy she is. Or maybe that’s how she moves around; one two hands and one foot rather than two feet as other able-bodied humans do. Maybe it’s a result from all that bending that this is the only position she’s comfy in. All this and more will be found out this week! See Emma on Facebook here. You can be her friend too if you want.


They’re our resident b-boys. They can disco dance like no other. A team of hot-stepping, head-spinning, windmill-whirring men who can throw themselves about a stage in a manner that is rhythmic, impressive and rather exciting. Most of us can’t even do one of those things, or we think we can do ALL after a few pints of confidence on a Friday night. Most of us will fail. And knacker an elbow or limb. They won’t and don’t. Damn them. Check them out on Facebook here

They\ll be performing, I’ll be chatting to them and keeping the whole shebang running and you will be sitting in wonder and possibly participating. Sound good? Great! Starts at 9,30pm in a glorious speigeltent on London’s Southbank. Join us!


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