The WOW Show is BACK tomorrow (Wednesday 6th) at London Wonderground. A cabaret-come-chat show with me as your host. It starts at 9.30pm and you can get a ticket here And whom will be taking to the stage to give you a mid-week wallop of wonder? Why these talented types:

Florian Brooks

Florian Brooks is a juggler. He is very good at it though. Better than when your dad tries it with clementines at Christmas. Florian performs all over the world with his skills and most peoples’ dads’ don’t get that fair with their fruit tossing. Not sure if juggling is considered tossing though, elegant throwing? Chucking with panache? No doubt I will get answers on these matters tomorrrow. Read and see more of Florian here 

Delores Deluxe

Delores Deluxe. What a great name. Am hoping it’s her real one and not a stage name. Even if it isn’t her real name am going to continue to think it is. She’s a one woman cabaret star – singer, magician, burlesque-er, hostess, actress – she can turn her hand to all. She also set up and runs the Kitten Club,  cabaret night that preceded (pioneered?) the cabaret revival and scene in London town. Read about it and Delores here

Greg Burns

Greg Burns is a comedian and a dj. He is on the airwaves presenting Capital’s drive time show, rather than the djing kind that I do. Although he may do that too. I am not 100% sure. Not even 10% tbh. Perhaps I can ask him this so I can be 100% in my Greg Burns djing facts. Greg will be in the guise of comedian tomorrow rather than presenting his radio show on stage. He doesn’t have a website (from what I can find, again we can find the truth tomorow) but you can follow him on Twitter here 

One Motion Crew

One Motion Crew are a collective of dancers. Not high kicking or ballroom ones; they’re breakers and body poppers. A troupe of high energy b-boys who can throw themselves about the place in a rhythmically amazing way. Where most of us would end up with dislocated elbows and neck-knack, they effortlessly spin, windmill and whirl about, flexing limb and muscle in a fierce frenzy that’ll have you bouncing in your seat. Read more about them here 

See you all there tomorrow in our Speigeltent on the Southbank


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