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Anna Greenwood Likes to Talk - second Podcast

Anna Greenwood Likes to Talk – second Podcast

I started a podcast the other month. Have done another. This time my guest who I like to talk to is the perma-effervescent John Sizzle. John is a dj, performer, venue owner and all round trannie superstar. He is most importantly, massively ace. We have a chat about all manner of things, but mainly pop...
Look who's talking

Look who’s talking

ME. I am talking. Started a podcast. It’s called Anna Greenwood Likes to Talk… Because I do. Each episode will be talking to a different guest, the first one being Jess Indeedy from Indeedy Musical Bingo. So, its official title is Anna Greenwood Likes to Talk… to Jess Indeedy. Because I also do. It’s hosted...
Busy bizzee BiZi

Busy bizzee BiZi

Check the cool street spellings. So, it’s been a bit hectic and I haven’t updated the site, but I do quack about my goings on on twitter so you can see what in the hell I do by following me here. If you want. If you don’t then that’s equally fine. why you’re on this...
Christmas crackered

Christmas crackered

Hiya Been a bit busy of late what with the mania of Christmas parties and so forth. Not that I’ve been flitting form one elegant soiree to the next as I am an a-lister in the high society of London festive knees up, more that I’m the help. But happy to be so. Seeing as...
Politics of Pop - Radio Special

Politics of Pop – Radio Special

America goes to the polls next week to vote for their President for the next four years. You probably know this already, what with it being on the telly / radio / front pages of papers and that all the time, but because of this I made a radio show for London Fields Radio about how the...

God Save the 90s

London Fields Radio have put together a series of special music podcasts for the Queen’s Jubilee, where presenters of each show focus on a decade from 1900s to now – or to be more specific, 1902 – 2012 – and play records of their show’s decade. I did the 90s show, which was ace because...
Dinner Disco - latest serving

Dinner Disco – latest serving

At Land of Kings festival this weekend I recorded my Dinner Disco show for London Fields Radio, LIVE, with Claire Roberson from Shacklewell Nights and Best Cleo the conceptual artist who was performing at the festival. We talk dinners and ballet and pasta and ketchup and dropping food on the floor and I play some...