Anna Greenwood Likes to Talk – second Podcast

I started a podcast the other month. Have done another. This time my guest who I like to talk to is the perma-effervescent John Sizzle.

Le Sizzle, in casual mode

John is a dj, performer, venue owner and all round trannie superstar. He is most importantly, massively ace. We have a chat about all manner of things, but mainly pop music and its offshoots – costumes, pop stars, escapism – as well as John’s recent trip to LA to promote the Dressed as a Girl film, how Shirley Bassey inspired him and going for a wee whilst djing and wearing three pairs of tights. ESSENTIAL LISTENING NO DOUBT YOU’LL AGREE.

Click here for your ears 

Hosted by the excellent ON SOAP podcast platform

Look who’s talking

ME. I am talking.

Started a podcast. It’s called Anna Greenwood Likes to Talk… Because I do.

Each episode will be talking to a different guest, the first one being Jess Indeedy from Indeedy Musical Bingo. So, its official title is Anna Greenwood Likes to Talk… to Jess Indeedy. Because I also do.

It’s hosted on the excellent Podcast LDN platform. You can listen now. Or later. OR NOT IF YOU’RE DEAD MEAN.



Busy bizzee BiZi

Check the cool street spellings.

So, it’s been a bit hectic and I haven’t updated the site, but I do quack about my goings on on twitter so you can see what in the hell I do by following me here. If you want. If you don’t then that’s equally fine. why you’re on this site though I don’t know Unless your my mum and don’t have twitter. In that case HI MUM.

Anyhoo, went to Glastonbury for the marathon gigs, they were amazing. It is amazing. I loved it and was the best of times all the time I was there. Played all manner of music and had a Glastonbury “moment” every day with a coming together of hilariously fun people in a collected love of some song or other, congas, anti-rain dances, dance OFFS, tops off, uncontrollable disco dancing and just A HECK OF A TIME. I was fuelled by coffee and chocolate and – no doubt – the druids vibes that were in abundance at the hallowed site. It truly is magical. I think I’ve been infected with hippy love. There are worse things to be infected with though tbh. Since returning everything has been ace, so the druids are clearly still at work. unless I stood too close to them funny cigarettes people had on the go. Whichevs, it was ACE. I hope I get to go back and do it all again some day. SIGH

Mid-set Glastonbury dj selfie with “concentrating face” in full effect

As soon as I got back it was all systems GO for the first Rave Karaoke at The Old Queen’s Head and it was a STORMER of a debut! We raved and sang and whooped it up in super style for a Thursday and will be back on Thursday August 8th for more of the same. You can get a ticket here

Since then I’ve been playing a few birthday parties, H&M, the marvellous W Hotel, South Place Hotel, hosted a dj battle (!!) & Indeedy Musical Bingo and recorded a show for Heat Radio. The latter has been super exciting. Radio is one of my dear loves and as Heat loves pop, celebs, gossip, silliness and general FUN it’s pretty much my ideal radio home. (To balance all this love of the sugary side of life I read the articles with all the big words at the back of the paper. Life is light and shade after all). Will let you know when I’m on air. SCREAM!

So the summer sees me off to Kendal Calling for Rave Karaoke, Leeds Festival for the very same, Southbank Centre for the Big Wedding Weekend bonanza, a gig with Chas and Dave (YES!) and loads more STUFF.

Will try to keep you up to date. But you know how unable I am to stick to that.

Anyway, here’s some things and dates for you. Hope to see you at some. Tra!

SATURDAY 18TH JULY – I’m doing a wedding! In Dalston! You can only go if you are invited though. Or the Bride or Groom. You should know this.

EVERY SUNDAYW Does BrunchW Hotel – The best brunch in swinging London town. We have a feast for body, brains, ears, mouths, eyes and legs as they get to sprawl on sofas in slippers and be served up a right treat. I soundtrack it all between 12-4pm

MONDAY 20TH JULY – Tell it Like it Quiz – The Electric – Taking my lolz-packed, trash can culture quiz over West for some brain-testing (well, kind of…) Monday night fun.

THURSDAY 23RD JULY – Heddon St Kitchen – Gordon Ramsay owns this place. Am djing at a party there. Don’t think el Gordo will be there. But you may be?

FRIDAY 24TH JULY – H&M pop up – Brick Lane – Not sure WHERE this is exactly, but I will do and will be there betwixt 3 – 7pm.

FRIDAY 31ST JULYRAVE KARAOKE AT KENDAL CALLING – SCREAM! This is going to be ACE. Kicking off their Acid House party on the Friday of it’s 10th year, Rave Karaoke will have you reaching for the lasers and singing your heart out as we pump up the jam. It’s sold out! Me and Snoop! SCREAM AGAIN!


Christmas crackered


Been a bit busy of late what with the mania of Christmas parties and so forth. Not that I’ve been flitting form one elegant soiree to the next as I am an a-lister in the high society of London festive knees up, more that I’m the help. But happy to be so. Seeing as my company of one doesn’t have a Christmas party, I get to go to everyone else’s. Haven’t photocopied my arse at any of them sadly. One day my dream will come true…

Have done some ace parties though including one with Cow events who turned the Paradise pub into a forest, djing on top of a cake (stage) in Waterloo – which came close to the jumping-out-of-a-cake fantasy that one has – and the endless joy of playing Mariah’s All I Want for Christmas and watching people go loony.

My dress fell down and I Judy Finnegan’d a room a couple of times at one gig and at another my skirt slid down my hips flashing my spanx, so my flawless reputation was upheld as ever…

Did a radio show last Saturday for Camden Lock Market and played solid Christmas songs. Called it Anna Greenwood’s Christmas Ding Dong. May have done peoples’ heads in but there were reports of dancing traders and general merriness. Although they could have been placating me with LIES, but I prefer to believe them. Sadly you can’t see for yourself if it brings anger or tidings of comfort and joy as it was a one off, but maybe it’s on the internet somewhere and I’ll post up if so. Only before 25th December though, after that no one wants a ding dong.

It contained a few reggae Christmas songs. Which is totally my new jam

Super swanky London gym Gymbox asked me to write about How to Dazzle at Parties. After I’d got  up off the floor from falling off my chair laughing at said request, I wrote this. Read it if you’re in need of amateur assistance

Other than that, I’m quite knackered and ready for Christmas dinner and a sit down now please. Final furlong ahead and wishes shall be granted.

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas.


Politics of Pop – Radio Special

America goes to the polls next week to vote for their President for the next four years. You probably know this already, what with it being on the telly / radio / front pages of papers and that all the time, but because of this I made a radio show for London Fields Radio about how the pop world will be voting.

Or how I think it will be from the hours of research I have put in, pouring over documents late night in libraries not unlike a scene from a serious film about a lawyer or detective who does important things. Not at all like reading daft news stories on line and googling celebrities. None of that. Was all libraries at a leather topped desk with one of them green table lamps. Promise.

It’ll probably have a crucial effect on the swing vote states due to the revelations revealed about how KISS will vote or if Cameron Diaz likes Romney’s hair etc. It’s insightful, critical and crucial comment. Kind of like Newsnight, The Today programme and  the Chart Show in one. (But mainly the Chart Show).

Listen here to the show



God Save the 90s

London Fields Radio have put together a series of special music podcasts for the Queen’s Jubilee, where presenters of each show focus on a decade from 1900s to now – or to be more specific, 1902 – 2012 – and play records of their show’s decade.

I did the 90s show, which was ace because I love the 90s. Not in a wacky ironic way like Kate Thornton on a tv show or a student night; I love it as it was the decade I went from child to teen, therefore we have that bond that cannot be broken. It soundtracked my ascent to adulthood via terrible haircuts, teen crushes, exams, smoking, being terrible at drinking and a good deal of shouting.

If you’d like to listen to it, it’s here. I named it Bumbags, Boybands and Britpop. All of these things I was into during that time.

Yes, I was very cool.

London Fields Jubliee Podcasts

Dinner Disco – latest serving

At Land of Kings festival this weekend I recorded my Dinner Disco show for London Fields Radio, LIVE, with Claire Roberson from Shacklewell Nights and Best Cleo the conceptual artist who was performing at the festival.

We talk dinners and ballet and pasta and ketchup and dropping food on the floor and I play some records that will make you dance round your kitchen. Well I hope so anyway.

Have a listen here and see if it makes your feet get a bit jiggy.